YouTube monetization tips for how to earn money from YouTube in Nepal

Creative Ideas to earn money online from YouTube channel in Nepal

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YouTube monetization tips for how to earn money from YouTube in Nepal

A lot of people talk about earning money from YouTube in Nepal. But the fact is that YouTube doesn’t pay anyone to play the video. However good your video is, they won’t pay anything for that. YouTube Monetization Tips For How To Earn Money From YouTube In NepalSo, what does YouTube pay for?
YouTube pays for the advertisement that they will be playing on your channel / videos. The payment is made by Google Adsense with which you will link your YouTube channel. Let us go step-by-step and see how to earn from YouTube in Nepal.
Create a YouTube Account
Creating a YouTube account is child’s play. Almost all of you already have one. Your Gmail account will be your YouTube account too. Either you use your existing Gmail account or create a new YouTube account from Kathmandu Nepal. You can create new gmail account to run the YouTube channel in Nepal.

Create A YouTube Channel in Nepal
This is essential for you to upload your videos or even comment on videos. This is the important step in how to earn money from YouTube in Nepal. The way to create a YouTube channel is simple. You log in to your YouTube account and click on the “My Channel” tab on the navigation panel on the left. You have to fill up your details and confirm.
You can then go on spruce up your channel with a cover picture, profile picture,and a channel description. You need to verify this channel using your mobile phone. You can create as many channels as possible with a single YouTube account, though it is not advisable.

Setting Up Payment Methods
You have set up a method for Google Adsense to pay for the ads played on your YouTube channel. Unfortunately, Nepal is not included for monetization. But, that need not bother you in any way. You can select any country where monetization is available. Is that it? No. To earn money from YouTube, you need to link this with a Google Ad sense account. According to the new threshold rule of Google you have to have minimum 1000 subscriber on channel & 4000 hrs of watch time. When you pass the threshold then you are eligible to apply. You tube approve your application within 3 days then you start earn online from YouTube in Nepal.

Linking With Google Adsense Account
You can link with Adsense from your features section. At the features section view the monetization settings and select “associate an Adsense Account”. You will be directed to the Adsense page. You can follow the instructions. Give the correct address and contact number because this is important for the verification. Without verification, you can’t open the Adsense account and earn money. The approval of your Adsense account will be intimated to you by an email.

Upload creative videos
Now you can start uploading your videos on YouTube and start monetizing them. You should upload only original content. Make the contents interesting for the audience from the US, UK or other developed nations to earn more.
I think given tips are useful for you to know how to earn money from YouTube in Nepal? After reading this article you can make your own channel in YouTube then start earning from it. You can cheek the most subscribed YouTube channel of Nepal and most earning youtubers of Nepal also for inspiration. Follow the Creative Ideas to earn money online from YouTube channel in Nepal.