World’s most extreme zipline in Pokhara overview of zip flying in Nepal

All you need to know about zip flying in Pokhara cost of zip flyer Nepal

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World’s most extreme zipline in Pokhara overview of zip flying in Nepal

Nepal ZIP flyer information
Right now I’m going to share information on world’s most extreme zipline in Pokhara and zip flyer Nepal trip. Nepal has the highest and the longest zipline in the world at 1.8 Kms and at an altitude of 600 meters. Zip flying in Nepal is becoming popular due to this zipline situated in Pokhara. Tourists from all over the world who visit the country want to try out zip flying in Nepal. Consisting of a trolley mounted on a steel cable the zip flyer has an incline of 56 degrees. The tourists can experience speeds of up to 140 Km/hour on this zipline and can enjoy the spectacular views of the Annapurna mountain range and the Pokhara valley below it while zipping through.

Details of Zip Flying
The launch pad of the zipline is situated at the peak of Sarangkot, Pokhara. The zip flying has been in operation since the year 2012. The participants must be 35 to 125 Kgs and should be comfortable with heights. The zipflying is not recommended for people with neck and back problems and for pregnant women.
Safety measures of ZipFlyer Nepal
Safety is an important feature for any adventure sport. Considering the zipline is the highest and the longest in the world with high speeds, there are adequate safety measures in place for zip flying in Nepal. The major safety measures in place to ensure safety while zip flying in Nepal are as follows:

Cable Trolley
The trolley is the centerpiece of the zipline. The trolley has been specially designed to operate on the steep incline and ensure safety in speeds up to 100 mph. Usually, trolleys are designed to handle speeds up to 65 mph only, but this trolley is designed for high-speed safety. The trolley has a triple redundancy safety system that securely locks the trolley into the cable in three different locations.

The harness has been designed to make the rider comfortable and to secure them properly. The rider is held in place with three different restraining.

Starting Gate
To ensure additional safety, the zip flyer uses secure locking system for the zip flyer starting gate and trolley.

Best time and price
The best time to go zip flying in Nepal is during the months of March to December. The cost is $82 per person.

Zip flying in Nepal can be extremely and satisfying experience. The tourists get to zip fly amidst the beautiful Annapurna mountain range and the pristine beauty of the Himalayas, which make it a lifetime memory and experience. This is a highly recommended adventure sport activity for tourists visiting Nepal.

After reading this post you are clear about Zip flyer in Pokhara Nepal with cost and safety on Zipflyer Nepal. If you need even more information about it follow zip flyer Pokhara contact number for booking and discussion. Experience the adventure sports Zip-Flyer Nepal in Pokhara, Nepal.

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