Where to buy Nepali cap Dhaka topi & Bhadgaule topi in Kathmandu Nepal

How to wear Nepali topi? importance and history of Nepali dhaka topi buy online

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Where to buy Nepali cap Dhaka topi & Bhadgaule topi in Kathmandu Nepal

Nepali Dhaka topi is a kind of brimless cap widely popular among Nepalese men and Indian Gorkha men. The cap is made from Dhaka cloth (a fine cotton cloth), which used to be imported from Dhaka only. Dhaka is the present-day capital city of Bangladesh.
History of Dhaka topi and its importance to Nepalese people
The Dhaka topi is a part of the national dress of the Nepalese people, and it’s a symbol of Nepalese nationality.
The popularity of the Dhaka topi is traced back to times of King Mahendra, who ruled from 1955 to 1972. The king made wearing a Dhaka topi compulsory for official photographs for documents and passports.
Dhaka topis are still considered special in Nepal. In facts, they are some of the most popular gifts you can give a Nepalese. They are usually given away as gifts during Tihar and Dashain festivals in Nepal.

How to wear Nepali topi / Nepali cap

Today, Dhaka topis are still won by the Nepalese government officials and it is part of the national dress. During the reign of King Mahendra, Nepali cap Dhaka topis were available for rent near Singha Durbar in Kathmandu.
Of course, Dhaka topis no longer dominate Nepalese fashion. However, the clothing is still an integral part of Nepal and its society. It remains the Nepalese identity. Many Nepalese now rarely wear a cap except when attending some cultural festivals and programs, many other people still prefer costumes made from Dhaka, and they wear then regularly.
Bhadgaule topi, on the other hand, is a type of hat that is widely popular among Nepalese people especially in Newari community. Bhadgaule topi is a type of black hat made mostly in towns of Bhaktapur or Bhadgaon in Nepal. it is a part of Newari traditional dress. Bhadgaule topi has been adopted as part of the Nepali national dress for men, as a substitute to the Palpali Dhaka topi.

History of Bhadgaule topi, Nepali cap
In the olden days, in the Panchayat era and even earlier, the traditional black cap, made by Bhaktapur artisans, used to be the favorite and preferred accessory for men in Kathmandu. The black cap was preferred for daily wear and formal occasions. Furthermore, all Nepali men had to wear it if they wanted to access halls of power and any government offices. Without donning one, you could not access halls of power such as the famous Singha Durbar.
All Newari Men in the Kathmandu Valley were to attend festivals dressed in their traditional attire for which, the Bhadgaule topi was, and is still a must.

International Nepali dhoti and Nepali topi day

All Nepali people celebrate Topi Day “Topi Diwas” on 1st of January by wearing Dhaka topi and Bhadgaunle topi internationally.
Let’s check how to wear Nepali topi? I think given article helps you to know all facts about Nepali Dhaka topi and Bhadgaule topi in detail. importance and history of Nepali dhaka topi inspire to buy Nepali Dhaka topi online.