Where is Uganda located in the world map, history and facts

Interesting information about Uganda facts and statistics with Uganda culture

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Where is Uganda located in the world map, history and facts

Know the geographic location, fascinating history and interesting facts of Uganda. Uganda has a size which is double the size of Pennsylvania and the country is located on the eastern side of Africa.

Flag of Uganda - Where is Uganda located in the world map
Flag of Uganda

Uganda lying across the equator is thus divided into three primary areas such as the desert area, lowland which is filled with swamps and a highly fertile plateau which has wooden hills. Also, another part of the border in the south is the Lake Victoria. Uganda is said to boast of a democratic government and has a multiple number of parties fighting in the elections.
How many countries does Uganda border?
The country shares its borders with Congo to the west, Sudan to the north, Kenya to the east and finally Tanzania and Rwanda in the south. Kampala is the Capital of Uganda.

Brief history of Uganda
Uganda has a rich history which stretches back to the early 500 BC when the place had its early migratory settlers in the form of Bantu-speaking people. In the 14th century, Uganda was ruled and dominated by three kingdoms. This included the Bunyoro, the Buganda, and the Ankole. In the year 1844, Uganda was explored by the Arab as well as the European traders.

Who was Uganda colonized by?
British colonization of Uganda began around 1860. An agreement under the name of Anglo-German was signed in the year 1890 during which Uganda was said to be influenced and controlled by the British in Africa. It was the responsibility of the British East Africa Company to look after the developments in Uganda. This company did not flourish economically, and a protectorate by the British was announced. Some of the Europeans, however, decided on establishing settlements in Uganda. Also, Indians were attracted to Uganda, who played an important role in the commercial development in Uganda.

What is the main religion in Uganda?
Main religions of the people of Uganda are Islam, and Christianity.

When did Uganda gain its independence?
Finally, Uganda became independent and gained freedom in the year 1962 on October 9. The first president of free Uganda was elected to be Sir Edward Mutesa. However after four years, the prime minister of Uganda, Obote along with the assistance of Colonel Idi Amin, an army officer gained control over the government of Uganda established by president Mutesa.

English is the national language but more than 30 different indigenous languages spoken in Uganda. Landlocked country Uganda is ever green climate and host about 11% birds and 8% mammals of the world. The Victoria Nile River originates from Lake Victoria at Jinja in Uganda. It is one of the interesting places to explore.

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Where is Uganda located in the world map

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