Where is the Netherlands located in the world map, history and facts

Interesting facts about Netherlands with culture and traditions

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Where is the Netherlands located in the world map, history and facts

Where is the Netherlands located in the world” Netherlands is the major part of the kingdom of Netherlands. You can find this place surrounded by three neighboring countries, Germany to the east, Belgium to the south, and the North Sea to the northwest, sharing maritime borders with Belgium, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Flag of the Netherlands - Where is the Netherlands located in the world map
Flag of the Netherlands

The capital city of the Netherlands is Amsterdam. The country is governed by a parliamentary democracy. The place is still famous by its earlier name i.e. Holland. It is easy to recognize it that way.
Evolution and brief history of Netherlands
The place has been a Germanic habitat since the time Julius Ceaser found it. The place was in control of Franks for four centuries until the8th century. The country passed through many hands and finally became an independent nation in 1848. The country became peace-loving and didn’t took part in World War I. Netherlands saw a great historical evolution over time but have become a major part in the formation of the kingdom of Netherlands.

How much of the Netherlands is below sea level?
Geographically Netherlands is a low and flat country. About 26% of its area and 21% of its population located below sea level. About 50% of its land exceeding one meter above sea level only.
Interesting facts to know about the Netherlands
The Netherlands is a part of the European Union also. There are many things other countries need to learn from Netherlands. The place has been a revolution for many new things and culture.

  • The first country to declare homosexual marriage legal
  • People are expert at keeping water
  • Largest exporter of bacon
  • World’s tallest people are the Dutch.
  • Produces almost 75 % of the total world’s flower
  • Best coffee drinkers in the entire world
  • The second language is English
  • First and largest importer of coffee
  • As many as 1000 museums in Netherlands

What is a person from the Netherlands called?
Citizens of the Netherlands are called Dutch but those People who live in Holland are called Hollanders.
What is the climate like in Netherlands?
Average temperature of Netherlands is from 2°C – 7°C in winter and 16°C-20°C in summer season.
Temperate maritime climate of Netherlands have influenced by the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

With all the above features Netherlands is one of the most advanced and luxurious places. The country has the oldest national anthem in terms of music and words. People who enjoy cycling are most attracted to Netherlands as it offers good roads and better weather to cycle around the city.
People are not into drugs, so it is hard to find it, but you can easily find some good quality cheese or some clogs. The place is home to wonderful artist and science like microbiology. There had been a large number of bikes in Netherlands than there are people. You can easily find coffee and gin there. Fishes are consumed on an average of 5 fishes per person. This is the way people enjoy life in Holland or better Netherlands. Be a part of the most advanced country and a beautiful tulip home.

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Where is the Netherlands located in the World map?

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