Where is the best places to exchange money in Kathmandu airport or Thamel

Ways to Dealing with money which is the best place to exchange money in Nepal

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Where is the best places to exchange money in Kathmandu airport or Thamel

Are you seeking information about the best places to exchange money in Kathmandu go through the article then follow step by step ideas. Nepal depends on tourism for revenue. So, you can expect all the major currencies to be exchanged here. Some of the other currencies can also be exchanged. Some of the big hotels, travel agency and shops do accept USD or Euros. But they will give back change in Nepal Rupee.
Nepal Rupee is available in 1000, 500, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5. Coins are available in 1, 2, 5 and 10 rupees. If you are traveling outside Kathmandu it is better to carry the local currency. You don’t expect shops to accept any other currency.

Rate of Money Exchanges in Nepal

You can get your foreign currency exchanged at any of the banks in Kathmandu and other major cities. You may not have many bank branches outside the cities. Most of the banks have fixed work time. So, you should better go there at that time. There are, of course, a couple of branches that are open for 12 hours all days in the week. These are rare.

The best place to change money Kathmandu
The best places to exchange money are at Thamel area, Durbar Marg and Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur Durbar Square. You can find the government authorized money changers there. They will exchange almost all the currencies in the world. Almost all of them are open from 8 in the morning to 8 in the night. They work on all days of the week. The advantage in these places is that these shops are all close by. So, even if you don’t get your currency exchanged in one shop you can go to the next easily.

Currency Exchange in Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
All streets in Thamel area there are many money exchange parlors are best places to get good rate. As many of the hotels, trekking agents and shops are here, you will not miss these streets. As all the shops are nearby you can check at a few places for the best rates. These shops are the best places to exchange money in Kathmandu. They will give you the best rates.

Tips On Carrying Money & the best places to exchange money in Kathmandu
There is no point in depending on ATMs to withdraw money. You will find ATMs in Kathmandu but not much in other places. Moreover, you will be paying double exchange rates when you withdraw in local currency. It is better to carry your money in currency.

When you exchange money in Kathmandu try to get change as soon as possible. Most of the people including the taxis and small shops don’t carry change. Try to get the change at the money changer or at other shops. If you are on a trekking trip carry local cash. The exchange rate in those places is not very good.

I think now you are clear about the best place to exchange money in Nepal. Why you need local Nepalese currency while travelling in Nepal. Go to the Best Places To Exchange Money In Kathmandu then carry sufficient cash needed for your trip while you are out of Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan.

It is difficult to get cash on the way to EBC trip check the Daily budget with Mt Everest base camp trek facts & conditions. Exchange or withdraw enough money that is sufficient for whole trek. It is poor country but 99 % safe country to travel in the world.