Where is Syria located in the world map, war, history & population facts

Informative Facts about Syria war and neighboring countries

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Where is Syria located in the world map, war, history & population facts

Syria is situated to the east of Mediterranean Sea and is a bit larger when compared to North Dakota. The bordering countries of Syria includes turkey to the north, Israel, and Lebanon to the west, Iraq in the east whereas Jordan in the southern part.

Flag of Syria - Where is Syria located in the world map
Flag of Syria

The coastal areas of Syria are narrow and plain with a whole range of mountains at the back. Further inland, Syria has a steppe area.
Geography, Where is syria located in the middle east
Know the geographical location and the great history of Syria. The Syrian Desert is situated to the eastern side of Syria whereas the Jebel Druze Range is located in the south. Mount Hermon with a height of about 2814 m above sea level is the highest point in Syria. Syria also occupies a total area of 71,498 sq km. The capital of Syria with a population of about 2.65 million people is Damascus, whereas other large countries include Hamah and Aleppo. Ever since the march of 1963, Syria has had a republic government under a military regime.

Syria’s history is full of conflicts and conquests
The country of Syria has a rich history and heritage. The Egyptians were the first ones to gain control over Syria during the 1500 BC. This was followed by an invasion by the Assyrians, the Hebrews, the Persians, and Chaldeans and even by the great Alexander of Macedonia. Syria was even a part of the Roman Empire since 64 BC till AD 636.
The Arabs utilized Syria and turned it into a center for trading for their vast empire. However during 1260, due to an invasion by the Mongol, Arab’s control in Syria suffered a lot. Finally in the year 1516, Syria fell prey to Ottoman Turks. It was until the World War I that Syria stayed as a part and under the rule of the Turks.

Who colonized Syria?
Syria Colonized by French in 1918. Syria also became a part of the French zone of influence due to a secret pact that was signed in 1916 by the Anglo-French. As soon as the First World War got over, France received a mandate from the League of Nations forcing them to put an end to several uprisings among the nationalists.

When did the conflict start in Syria?
The violence in Syria began in March 2011. More than 250,000 people have died in the clashes between government and rebel forces.

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Where is Syria located on a world map

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