Where is Switzerland located in the world map, culture history & facts

Really interesting facts about Switzerland and surrounding countries

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Where is Switzerland located in the world map, culture history & facts

Switzerland’s official name is still the “Swiss Confederation”. “Where is Switzerland located in the world” Switzerland is a beautiful country in the lap of Central Europe. The place is famous for its beauty.

Flag of Switzerland - Where is Switzerland located in the world
Flag of Switzerland

The country is one of the popular tourist destinations. People often visit Switzerland to enjoy the snow and the weather there. There are many places which are worth exploring in Switzerland. You can plan a trip to Switzerland when you feel like enjoying yourself with nature.
What are the countries that border Switzerland?
Switzerland shares its border with France, Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein and Germany.
Get the souvenirs from Switzerland
The place is quite famous for being expensive in terms of everything you like there. There are many causes of it. But one thing is sure that you can get as many numbers of memories from Switzerland as from your dream land. The place is famous for the following things get your shopping list ready:

  • Watches
  • Cheese
  • Chocolates
  • Swiss army knife

What is the climate in Switzerland?
The 41,285 square km space allows you to wander in a moderate weather both in summers and winters. You will surely enjoy the weather there. The winters are cloudy and snowy with rain showers while the summers are mostly cloudy and humid ranging from a cool to warm weather conditions. You can enjoy this weather without any legal obligations if you are coming from any country which is a part of Schengen Agreement. The people from other places need some legal formalities to be completed before landing in Switzerland.

What mountains are in Switzerland?
The Swiss Alps include all the mountains of Switzerland are Monte Rosa (4,634 m), Dom (4,545 m), Lyskamm (4,527 m), Weisshorn (4,506 m) and Matterhorn (4,478 m).

How many lakes are there in Switzerland?
There are more than 1,500 lakes in Switzerland. Lakes Geneva and Constance are the two largest lake of this country. Lake Geneva is shared with France, and Lake Constance with Germany and Austria.

When did Switzerland become an independent country?
Switzerland becomes an independent country on August 1, 1291.
What is the capital city of Switzerland?
Bern is the capital city of Switzerland.
When did Switzerland become a neutral country?
Switzerland becomes a neutral country since 1815.

Interesting facts about Switzerland
There are many things you may not know about this wonderful place. The capital of Switzerland, Bern, has about 132,000 people living there. The country has many luring points, but some of the things are to be noted about Switzerland. There are four national languages in Switzerland. If you are a tourist there, you will add up to the already existing 23 percent.

The dominant religion in Switzerland is Christianity and crime rate being lowest among many other countries. You can enjoy a luxurious drink there and also the rich hangover of marijuana. It is very easy to get a place to stay there if you have gone for a vacation.
If you are going to Switzerland, always prefer to go at the time of the music festival. You will experience a new way of tapping your feet.

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Where is Switzerland located in the World map?

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