Where is Sweden located in the world map, history and landmarks facts

Amazing Sweden facts and information about people, culture and geography

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Where is Sweden located in the world map, history and landmarks facts

“Where is Sweden located in the World” The third largest country in the European Union by area is Sweden. Capital city of Sweden is Stockholm.

Flag of Sweden - Where is Sweden located in the world map
Flag of Sweden

Today, Sweden is a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy, with the Monarch as the head of state. Sweden covers 450,295 square kilometers but low population density of 21 inhabitants per square kilometer. Another interesting fact of this country is Most of the population about 85% of Sweden lives in urban areas. There is vast forest cover in Sweden of about 69% land. The three main regions of the country are Gӧtaland, Svealand, and Norrland.

Where is Sweden located geographically?
Sweden is a country in Northern Europe. It is a Scandinavian country surrounded by Norway, Finland, and Denmark. Sweden lies west of the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Bothnia.

Brief history of Sweden – Who found Sweden?
The country became an independent nation is middle ages. During the early middle Ages, the Swedish state also expanded to control Norrland and Finland. Modern Sweden started out of the Kalmar Union formed in 1397 and by the unification of the country by King Gustav Vasa in the 16th century.

Life and culture of Sweden
The lifestyle of Sweden is very rich and enjoying. You can enjoy a small nice tea break known as “Fika” anywhere with your family and special friends. You have a lot to get in Sweden in terms of lifestyle. The government and laws are very lenient for homosexuals. Sweden is counted among the most secular countries in the world. You can find a variety of the religions followed in Sweden and ideas and beliefs from any religions are welcomed here. Spend quality time on beautiful islands in Sweden. The following things are more than enough to attract you to Sweden:

  • Beautiful islands
  • Tasty and outstanding cakes and creams
  • Snowflakes during winter
  • Celebration of candy day
  • The ice hotels
  • The rock music and music schools
  • The ever changing technology

There are so many things you can enjoy in Sweden from candies to men and from ice hotels to women. The wide and rich culture will never stop you from any new thing. Technically Sweden is more forward than any other European nation. Swedish is the main language spoken apart from English. You need not bother too much while planning a trip to this culturally rich country.

Fascinating in Sweden
There are many strange but fascinating thinks about Sweden like removing your shoes before entering a resident or enjoying a cup of coffee. You can also see the store full of people before 5 in the evening. People are so fond of music that they have “Melodifestivalen” for celebrating music and life.
You got to enjoy as much coffee as you can in Sweden. If you love to stay cool, then winters in Sweden should be your destination. Sweden is very cautious about the environment and denies usage of plastic bags for grocery shopping. The people live out their life by enjoying every single day and work casually at the office.

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Where is Sweden located in the World map?

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