Where is Spain located in the world map, history and population facts

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Where is Spain located in the world map, history and population facts

Where is Spain located in the world map and what is its history? Spain is mainly located in the southwestern part of Europe. It is officially known the Kingdom of Spain.

Flag of Spain - Where is Spain located in the world map
Flag of Spain

Madrid is the capital and largest city of Spain. The official language is Spanish. It has a total area of 505,990 square kilometers. Euro is the official currency of Spain. Spain has two archipelagos, Canary Island in the Atlantic Ocean and the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean.

What are the geographical features of Spain?
It is Europe’s fourth largest country. It extends between 26° to 44°N latitudes and 19° to 5° E longitudes. Spain is a mountainous country. Teide is the highest mountain peak in Spain as well as a third largest volcano in the world. Popular rivers of Spain are Tagus, Erbo, Douro, and others. There are many uninhabited islands in that archipelago. Its Atlantic coast is 710 km long.

What are the borders of Spain?
Most of its border is occupied by the Mediterranean Sea. It has land boundaries with Portugal, Andorra, Gibraltar and France.

What are the natural resources in Spain?
the natural resources that are found in Spain are many mainly oal, lignite, iron ore, copper, lead, zinc, uranium, tungsten, mercury, pyrites, magnetite, fluorspar, gypsum, sepiolite, kaolin, potash, hydro-power, arable land etc.

Climate of Spain
There are there distinct climatic zones of Spain

  • Mediterranean climate, which has warm and dry summers; it is mainly experienced in the peninsula.
  • The semi-arid climate is visible in the south eastern part of the country. It has mainly dry seasons.
  • Oceanic climate is experienced in the northern quarter. The temperate variation is mainly influenced by the ocean.

Brief History of Spain: Who was the founder of Spain?
The earliest history says that the Iberian Peninsula is inhabited by hominids approximate 1.2 million years ago. There are many fossils found in this place of the homo assistors. Around 35,000 years ago, modern human arrived in Iberia. The Romans had conquered the Iberian Peninsula and had ruled over it for 6 centuries. While in the 8th centrally the peninsula was conquered but Moorish Muslim of North Africa. In 1469 the Christian kingdoms became united.

When did Spain become a independent country?
By the mid-13th century Emirate of Granada was the only independent Muslim realm in Spain, which would last until 1492. Spain emerged as a unified country in the 15th century, following the marriage of the Catholic Monarchs and the completion of the centuries-long recon quest of the peninsula from the Moors in 1492.

In the 17th country Spain had surrendered many small territories to France. Finally, the war of Spanish succession evolved in the 18th century. There was a series of revolution and war. Spanish civil war started in 1936. The war took away as many as 500,000 lives of people. After World War 2, Spain was economically and politically isolated. After the end of cold war, Spain began to improve.

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Where is Spain located in the World map?

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