Where is south Sudan located in the world map, history and culture facts

Interesting Facts about South Sudan government, people & culture for all

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Where is south Sudan located in the world map, history and culture facts

Get to know a few interesting facts about South Sudan! You must have heard about South Sudan. But do you know anything about it?

Flag of South Sudan - Where is south Sudan located in the world map
Flag of South Sudan

You must have heard the name in passing; someone must have mentioned it during a conversation or heard someone talk about it. However, of you want to know stuff about this place, and then make it a point to go through the entire article to get a clear idea regarding this location.
What is the area of South Sudan?
In the northeast of Africa, South Sudan is a landlocked country. It is border with, Ethiopia from the east and the Central African Republic from the west and Kenya, Uganda, Sudan from the north and Congo from the south. Juba is the capital city of South Sudan. This continent situated in the northeast of Africa is often called the Horn of Africa. This country has several significances. One of them being, the capital of this country is named Khartoum. This is the place where the largest river Blue Nile meets with the White Nile River.
Brief History of South Sudan
Is South Sudan a country? It was only in the year of 2011 this country gained independence. History is the most interesting fact to know about of a place. Starting from the year of 1899 until the year of 1956 this area was governed by the British colony or rather it was under the British rule. Soon after the British had left this country, a centralized Arab government was installed. However, there was no representation for the region in the south.

What are people from South Sudan called
The northern part of Sudan is mostly dominated by the Islamic Nomads. Dwellers of the city are various tribes and also the local town people. The people in this region call themselves as Arabs however except those who have come from the south to the north for the purpose of living.

What is the physical geography of South Sudan
South Sudan or the southern half of the country Sudan is mainly dominated by Africans. These people are either Christians or Muslims. The majority of these people dos does not approve of the government dominated by Arabs. Thus, mostly they are united by a local party named the Sudan People’s Liberation Army.

This country is known for it’s abundant oil production. China derives about 70% of its oil production from this country. Most oil is located in the southern half of Sudan. Thus, you should know all these crucial points about South Sudan.

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Where is South Sudan located on the world map?

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