Where is Sierra Leone located in the world map, history & population facts

Interesting facts about Sierra Leone people, culture and geography

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Where is Sierra Leone located in the world map, history & population facts

Sierra Leone is located on the Atlantic Ocean in West Africa, and its size is half of Illinois. It is positioned with Liberia in the south and Guinea in the north. The Sierra Leone is surrounded by mangrove swamps all along the coast; plateau in the center as well as with wooded hills.

Flag of Sierra Leone - Where is Sierra Leone located in the world map
Flag of Sierra Leone

The eastern region of Sierra Leone is surrounded by vast mountains. The area of Sierra Leone is about 71,740 sq. km, and its population is about 4.9 million and most of them are urban based. Its area is known to be slightly smaller than South Carolina. Freetown is the capital city of this country.
Brief history of Sierra Leone
The earliest inhabitants of Sierra Leone were the Bulom people, and they were followed by the Temne and the Mende people in the 15th century. The name Sierra Leone was given by the Portuguese, who were the first Europeans to explore this land, and the name of this place means Lion Mountains.

It gained its independence in the year 1961 on April 27th, and the country declared itself democratic on April, 19th 1971. The first person to become the democratically elected president of Sierra Leone was Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, and he won the polls by 59.4%.

Geographical Details
It has a tropical climate and the rainy season in Sierra Leone is usually between the months of May and December. The coastal belt of this place is surrounded by mangrove swamps, upland plateau, and wooded hill country in addition to with mountainous region in the east. The land around this place is used for about 56.2% for agriculture and about 37.5% is covered with forest area. People have adapted to the wide variety of agricultural as well as ecological zones in Sierra Leone.

Imperative Facts about Sierra Leone
There are bountiful marine resources found in Sierra Leone, and it is an attractive spot for tourist to visit. The official language of this place is English, and it is the 118th largest country in this world. It has the oldest Police force in the world, and that was established in the year 1894. It is among the leading diamond producing nation in the world. But in regards to Human Development Index, it ranks the lowest.

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Where is Sierra Leone located in the world map

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