Where is Senegal located in the world map, history, people, culture facts

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Where is Senegal located in the world map, history, people, culture facts

The republic of Senegal is located in Africa. Senegal’s capital city Dakar is located in the westernmost point of Africa. Senegal occupies a land area of 74,131 sq. km. Also, the Gambia is surrounded on all three sides by Senegal.

Flag of Senegal - Where is Senegal located in the world map
Flag of Senegal

The northern and north-eastern side of Senegal is a semi-desert region whereas the south-western side of Senegal has forests. Thus, Senegal is basically a country which is low-lying.
Where is Senegal located in Africa
Senegal shares its borders with countries such as Mauritania in the north, Mali in the eastern side and the Guinea-Bissau and Guinea in the south. Senegal boasts of a tropical climate, and it has the biggest river Senegal in the north and another river Casamance in the south. Senegal has a democratic government with multiple numbers of parties.

A glimpse at the fascinating history of Senegal
Senegal has an ancient history which starts with the Toucouleur people who established early settlements in the country. They got converted to the Islamic religion sometime in the 11th century even though animism still formed a strong element in their religious beliefs.
In the 15th century, it was the Portuguese who gained access to the Senegal River which led them to establish settlements in the form of stations along the banks of the river. In the year 1659, the French established their own settlements in St Louis.

Slaves in Senegal
There were thousands of Africans who were sent to the New World as slaves where Goree Island played a major role in the slave of the Atlantic during the years of 1700. The British had also gained power and control over some parts of Senegal before they were gained back by the French in the year 1840, who made the country a part of the French West Africa.

When did Senegal gain its independence?
Senegal along with some other parts of the French West Africa also became an overseas region of France. Finally, Senegal became an independent country in August 20, 1960 in federation with Mali, only to collapse and lose its freedom within a mere 4 months. About 92 percent of people are Muslim. Islam is the predominant religion in Senegal.


Where is Senegal located in the world map

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