Where is Philippines located on the world map, history and facts

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Where is Philippines located on the world map, history and facts

Where is Philippines located on the world?” The Philippines or which is officially known as the Republic of Philippines is located in the south East Asia. It has numerous islands. Typically it is divided into three main geographical division namely, Luzon, Isaias and Mindanao.

National Flag of the Philippines - Where is Philippines located
Flag of the Philippines

Philippines’s capital city is known as Manila. Quezon City is the largest city of Philippines. Filipino and English are their official languages. The currency of Philippines is Peso.
It is situated very close of Ring of Fire, so the Philippines is very prone to earthquakes and other natural calamities. On the other hand, Philippines have one of the world’s greatest biodiversity. The country has an approximate area of 300,000 square kilometers.

What is the geographical location of the Philippines?
The Philippines comprises of about 7500 islands. It is one of the countries with the longest coast line in the world. Many islands of Philippines have mountains of volcanic origin. Is the Philippines a tropical country? Yes, Most of them are covered with tropical rain forest since it is very close to the Equator. Since the islands have a volcanic origin, so there are a lot of mineral deposits. After South Africa, Philippines have the second largest gold deposit. It is also the second biggest producer of geothermal energy. There is also a lot of marine bio diversities.

Weather and Climate – What season is it in the Philippines?
Since it is very close the equator, it is usually hot and humid. There are three distinct seasons, hot, dry season, the rainy season and the cool, dry season. Dry season starts in November and ends in May. Rainy season starts in June and end in October. The average temperature of Philippines is about 26.6 °C. And the annual rainfall is measured in 5000 millimeters.
Who founded the Philippines?
Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan arrived /found the Philippines in 1521.
When did the United States grant independence to the Philippines?
The united states grant independence to the Philippines on July 4, 1946

Brief history of the Philippines
The name of Philippines was given to homer the King Philip II of Spain. A Spanish explorer named many islands of Philippines.
Since the Philippines have many islands, there are different cultures growing in different places.
Colonization began when a Spanish explorer arrived from Mexico, in 1565.
The Spanish rule has are volition for the political unity of Philippines.
There was Philippine revolution in 1896. There was a Spanish-American war, at Cuba.
The Philippines has gifted the status of the common wealth on 1935. Annual Quezon was the president at that time.
It became one of the founding members of UN, in 1945 and is recognized as independent.

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Where is Philippines located in the World map?

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