Where is Peru located in the world map, history and facts

Interesting and facts about Peru and the Peruvian culture

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Where is Peru located in the world map, history and facts

Where is Peru located in the world? Are you willing to get answers! Come move around the Amazon rain forest and know the amazing places of Peru. Peru is basically a country in the parts of western side

Flag of Peru - Where is Peru located in the world map
Flag of Peru

of South America between Chile and Ecuador. Even some parts of ancient Incan city extend till the Andes Mountains. Peru is a democratic country being divided into parts of 25 regions. Since the establishment, it has been a part of Human Development Index for its development and further enhancement.

What are the surrounding states of Peru?
Peru shares its border with parts of Columbia and Ecuador in the north, Brazil in the east and Bolivia in the southeast, Chile to the south and Pacific Ocean to the west. Lima is the capital city of Peru. Peru is most famous for Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail.

Brief History of Peru: What ancient civilization lived in Peru?
History has revealed that Peru has been extremely enhanced with biodiversity and other habitats. Norte Chico civilizations in Caral have found their livelihood in Peru in the early eras of Inca Empire.
Presences of humans have been found to be in the early days of 9000 B.C.
They have found their survival and mode of earning in the fields of irrigation and terrace farming.

  • Many animal husbandry and fishing have been done by people to earn bucks for themselves.
  • The urban areas have served people with places for livelihood.
  • The major center of attraction remains in the beautiful temple named the Hitching Post of the Sun. It has been the atmospheric place with magnificent beauty.
  • In the past eras, Peruvians have fought against a wide group for the attainment of independence.

What is the geographical location of Peru?
Peru has been spread across the area of 1,285,216 Sq. Km in parts of South America. Some of the parts are stretched across with the rain forest that extends till the east part. Almost 60 percent of the Peru is located in the Amazon rain forest. In Peru, some of the rivers originated from the peaks of the Andes and drains outs slowly through the three basins. Peru is probably a perfect combination of tropical latitudes, mountains all around, other topographic variations.

Economy and infrastructural view:
Basically, the level of economy of Peru lies in between the upper and the middle level of World Bank. Over the years, the rate of the economy has increased. Infrastructure has made Peru probably fit for survival with a best sanitation and availability of water to the fullest with an increased level.

What is the best time of year to travel to Peru?
On the months of June to September is the Best time of year to travel to Peru because it is dry season.
Who settled in Peru first? – Who were the Incas conquered by?
“Francisco Pizarro” an explorer made De Soto second in command on Pizarro’s expedition to explore and conquer Peru in 1532. While exploring highlands of this country in 1533 reach Cuzco, the capital of Peru‘s Incan Empire.
What are the 3 regions of Peru?
The three regions of per are Pacific coastal region, Andes and Amazon Basin.

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Where is Peru located in the world map?

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