Where is Norway located in the world map, population, history and facts

interesting facts about Norway tourism, geography, people, culture, flora & fauna

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Where is Norway located in the world map, population, history and facts

Easy to go when you know ‘where is Norway located’. Norway expended in 385,252 sq km in northern part of Europe at Scandinavian peninsula. neighboring countries of Norway are Finland, Sweden and Russia. There are more than 450,000 lakes among of them about 200 are large size.

Norway is a monarchy settled between Scandinavian Peninsula and Jan Mayen. Norway has different neighbors on it sides to share the boundaries with. The answer about ‘where Norway is located’ is easy and can be solved without any effort. The directions of the country are easy to define and find. The many countries near Norway make it easy to locate the monarchy.

Know the way to Norway
If you want to know ‘Where is Norway located in the world map’ then the simple answer is by the latitude & longitude of the place 60.4720° N, 8.4689 degree E. The North Atlantic Ocean is what the Norway faces and the Barents Sea. There are many interesting things you may know about the beautiful venue and make it on your destination list for days to come.

Flag of Norway
Flag of Norway

#Salmon Sushi is gift of Norway
#Buying gas is the task of riches in Norway
#If you are working below 12 years, you are doing an offense
#You can get enrolled in Norway Public University without any fee
#You will easily find Hell in Norway.

Attraction for tourism in Norway
Norway is a fascinating country with too many facts to your astonishment. The country has the king and people named as ‘Even’ and ‘Odd’. You may find things which are important for Norway rather than any other country, like the half frozen island that Norway owns. The country has taken part to save many natural heritage sites. East and West Norway faces less of winter than other parts of it. The altitude of Norway marks for its different day patterns.

What are the Interesting facts about Norway?

#Norway is a richest, safe, peaceful and happiest country in the world.
#There are thousands of islands in Norway along the coastline 15,626 miles long.
#The Eiksund Tunnel of Norway is the deepest underwater tunnels in the world.
#World famous Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded in Oslo Norway annually since 1901
#Norway is the seventh largest oil exporter in the world.
#Norway is one of the most peaceful happiest countries in the world
#Norway second largest seafood exporter in the world
#24.5km / 15.2mile long Lærdal Tunnel in Norway is the longest road tunnel in the world.

Norway has abundant vegetation including 16000 insect species, thousands of algae, moss, vascular plants, fishes, and mammals. Norway is a habitat for 17 endangered species of animals and also has the sperm whale as the largest predator in Norway water. Norway can be screened as the most versatile and beautiful scenes in terms of natural scenery.

The culture of Norway also makes it easy to define ‘where is Norway located on the world map’. The farm culture of Norway is prevalent in the country and has been a place for spending romantic moments together. The Church of Norway is the source of all religious beliefs.

I think given information about Norway fact and figure helps you to identify where is Norway located on the world map. It is highly recommended to visit Norway for tourism at least once to discover its attraction, geography, people, culture, flora & fauna etc.

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Where is Norway located in the world map & Scandinavian Peninsula