Where is New Zealand located in the world map

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Where is New Zealand located in the world map, history and facts

New Zealand is located on the southeastern side of Australia at a distance of about 1,500 kilometers east of Australia across the Tasman Sea and roughly 1,000 kilometers south of the Pacific Ocean areas of New Caledonia, Fiji, and Tonga.

Flag of New Zealand - Where is New Zealand located in the world map
Flag of New Zealand

The place consists of two primary islands along with some smaller and outlying islands which are scattered throughout and range from tropical to that of the Antarctic. The size of New Zealand is same as that of Colorado. The two main and important components of New Zealand are the south islands and the north islands which is separated by the Cook Strait. New Zealand is a developed country.
Where is New Zealand in the World?
New Zealand primarily consists of many big and small islands. Know what continent is New Zealand part of? it is located in the Oceania. New Zealand occupies a total area of about 268,680 sq km or 103,737 square mile. Auckland is one of the largest city in New Zealand and the capital of the country is Wellington. About 829 Km long, the North Island is volcanic in the south central part. The north island is also adorned with many beautiful geysers and hot springs.
The south island, on the other hand, has an area of 151,215 square kilometers has the Southern Alps along the western coast. Mount Cook with a height of 3754 m above sea level is the highest point in the south island. The other islands in New Zealand, which are suitable for habitations, are the Chatham Island, the great barrier island, and the Steward Island.
However when it comes to islands not suitable for being inhabited by humans, the largest ones are the Auckland Island, the Antipodes Island, the Kermadec Islands and the Campbell Island.
A rich history of New Zealand
New Zealand also has a vast history. Do you know what is New Zealand known for? this country is famous for its indigenous people. The first inhabitants of the country were the Maoris, who arrived on the island in the year 1000. The history of New Zealand reveals that the Maoris had first come to the island from the different parts of Polynesia riding seven canoes.
Who found New Zealand?
A Dutch navigator, Abel Tasman explored New Zealand in the year 1642 December 13. The famous explorer James Cook had also taken three voyages in the island during the early time of 1769. Finally, the islands were officially annexed by the British during the year 1840.
When was New Zealand colonized by the British?
New Zealand was declared a British colony On May 3rd, 1841. New Zealand has a parliamentary democracy dominated the government. It is one of the beautiful places to spend vacations exploring the natural wonders.

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Where is New Zealand located in the world map

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