Where is Mauritius located in the world map, history & tourism facts

Where is Mauritius situated with special features of Mauritius island

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Where is Mauritius located in the world map, history & tourism facts

Geographical location of Mauritius in world map is in the Indian Ocean. It is a country in the continent of Africa to the southern region neighboring to Madagascar. The island was formed as a result of volcanic activities creating the most spectacular island in the world.

Flag of Mauritius - Where is Mauritius located in the world map
Flag of Mauritius

Mauritius is popularly known as one on the major tourist attraction. One of the best travel destinations in the world because of its beauty endorsed with beautiful reefs, beaches and rain forest. It provides perfect environments with beauty for vacations and honeymoon. Port Louis is the capital city of Mauritius. Mauritius Island expands in 1,865 square kilometers. Mauritius is 45km in width and 65km in length with 330 kilometers of coastline.

Brief History of Mauritius
The history of Mauritius dates back to the sixteenth century. The Portuguese were the first Europeans to settle in the island. The Dutch named the island Mauritius, Five years later the French came after the naming by the Dutch, French came in and renamed the island Ile de France. The arrival of French was a turning point and the onset of development in the islands. Several harbors were built including Port Louis. Lots of agricultural activities were initiated with plantations of coffee and sugarcane. This required a lot of work force hence the sourcing of slaves from Senegal and Madagascar by the French. The arrival of the French marked the beginning of slavery.
The arrival and conquering of Mauritius by the British in the 1810 was good news and relieve to the slaves. Slavery was later abolished in 1835 and laborers were acquired to work on the farms. They later settled and form the majority of today’s Mauritius population.

What language do they speak in Mauritius?
Official language of this country is English because it is a British colony. Besides that widely speaking another language is French and Creole also.
Mauritius became independent on March 12th, 1968 and adopted the British kind of leadership. After few years of trying to pick up pieces, the country became economically and politically stable. Elections are held after every five years according to their constitution adopted from the British.
Tourism in Mauritius – Visit the island of Mauritius
Mauritius being popular as tourist destination has a lot of breathtaking scenery. The famous tourist attraction sites include: the earth chamarel made as a result of volcanic activity, birds garden which still host the world rare bird, the pink pigeon, Nature Park and creoles houses.

Economy of Mauritius
Economy of Mauritius is a remarkable hat has experienced a steady growth. It has grown from agricultural based way long from history to an industry, finance and tourist dependent economy. The driving force of Mauritius’ economy is finance, sugar export, textile and tourism. It is well known for the textile industry. This has translated to improved infrastructure, long life expectancy, reduced infant mortality, and equitable distribution of resources.

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Where is Mauritius located in the World map?

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