Where is Maldives located in the world map, history & population facts

Interesting facts about Maldives tourism, food, culture & capital

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Where is Maldives located in the world map, history & population facts

Maldives! You might have heard the name of this country in stories or during a conversation. But, have you ever pondered about this country that much?

Flag of the Maldives - Where is Maldives located in the world map
Flag of the Maldives

If your answer is no, then you have arrived to the right place. Read this article thoroughly; you will get a brief idea about this place, its history, and other detailed facts. This place is known to be a tropical nation which is situated in the Indian Ocean. In total, this area comprises of about 26 coral atolls. These are again made up of hundreds of small islands. If you think what the city famous for is, the answer is, it is mainly known for its beaches, long and extensive coral reefs and its magnificent blue lagoons. The capital of this place, Male consists of the busy market of fish and exotic restaurants.

How many islands are there in the Maldives?
There are 1200 islands in Maldives about 200 are inhabited. Around 100 islands have been developed as tourist resorts.
Where are the Maldive Islands are located?
Is the Maldives a country?  Officially known as the Republic of Maldives, this country is located in the Indian Ocean. In particular, it is located in the southwest of India and also Sri Lanka. The stretch of small islands starts from Addu Atoll, right up to Ihavanippodh Atoll.

History of Maldives
This country is a country where Muslims are in the majority. From the mid of the sixteenth century, this place was dominated by colonial forces. It was only in the year of 1965 when this country gained independence from the British and in the year of 1968, just three years later it became a republic. The government of this place is authoritarian and thus, is ruled by a president.

Economy of Maldives
As you have already guessed it, being an island country the country derives its economy mainly from the fisheries and also, some from tourism. According to the World Bank, it says that the economy of this place is somewhere in the upper middle.

The country is one of the most dispersed and spread territories. It composes roughly about 90,000 square kilometers. The population is the smallest in Asia. With significant places of tourist attraction, this has become one of the finest and the best locations in the world. Get to know more about the beautiful and exciting place, the Maldives visit once.

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Where is Maldives located in the world map

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