Where is Malawi located in the world map, history, culture & poverty facts

Interesting Malawi facts and figures about people, culture of African nation

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Where is Malawi located in the world map, history and facts

There are not many people who know about Malawi. However, of you are keen to know about this place, and then you have come to the right place. Firstly, there are certain things you should be aware of the geographical description and others.

Flag of Malawi - Where is Malawi located in the world
Flag of Malawi

Many might know this place as a destination for tourist. However, this is not it. The Republic of Malawi was formally known as Nyasaland. The total area of this place is around 45,560 sq. mi. Other than this, this place is densely populated by around 14 million people.
Where is the country of Malawi?
This location is bordered by three major states, Tanzania, Zambia, and Mozambique in southeast Africa.
What is the capital city of Malawi?
Capital city of Malawi is Lilongwe.

History: When did Malawi gain its independence?
The country Malawi was colonized by the Bantu tribe at the time of the 10th century. This place has quite an interesting and long past. In the year of 1891, the colonies of British took over this place and in the year of 1953, it became an African Federation which was semi-independent. However, ten years after this area became entirely independent of the English rule and it was during this time when it derives the present name. Few years later, Malawi had its first female president. This place was slowly improving. It has an army force and also air personnel.

Early life
Previously even before the Bantu tribes had come to this place, it was the place for hunters. After the Bantu had migrated, they started forming small colonies. Several Portuguese traders and many military personnel made allegiances with this tribe. However, they could not be together for long. They broke up by 1700.

Development and Economy
This country is one of the least developed countries. Regarding the economy, it ranks the lowest. The majority of the economy is derived from agriculture. This country mainly relies on external aids. However, even this has fallen over the years. Nowadays, the people of this country are tremendously suffering; it is facing enormous challenges regarding expanding and other developments. The health care sector has fallen. The mortality rate has gone up to a great extent.
This area has a diverse population. There is a European as well as an Asian person. Here people practice different culture. Thus, it is a place of different culture.

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Where is Malawi located in the world map

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