Where is Madagascar located in the world map, history, facts and figures

Interesting facts about Madagascar rain forest & animals

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Where is Madagascar located in the world map, history, facts and figures

There is an island which is pretty large and is situated in the Indian Ocean, on the eastern side of Africa and also to the east of the country Mozambique. This island is the Madagascar, and this African country is considered to be the fourth biggest island in the whole world.

Flag of Madagascar - Where is Madagascar located in the world map
Flag of Madagascar

Madagascar’s official name is the republic of Madagascar.
Physical Geographic Features & Landforms of Madagascar
Madagascar is one of the largest islands occupies an area of about 226,658 squares per miles. It has a coastline that ranges to 3000 miles. The capital of this African country is Antananarivo and the highest point with a height if 2876 m above sea level is Maromokotro. Madagascar is an undeveloped developing country with a wide variety of biodiversity in the form of forests. About 5% of the species throughout the world have their home in the dense forest lands of Madagascar.

What is the history of Madagascar?
Madagascar has an ancient history, this African island is believed to have been completely uninhabited till the very 1st century CE just before the sailors arrived on the island from Indonesia. With the passage of years, the migrators have come to Madagascar from Africa as well as other parts of the pacific land. As a result, Madagascar consisted of lots of tribes, with Malagasy becoming the largest tribe.
However, it is not until the 7th century that there existed any written history about Madagascar. It all began with the Arabs landing in Madagascar and setting up trade posts especially on the northern coasts of the island.

Who colonized Madagascar?
French colonized Madagascar. The French established settlements along the eastern coasts of Madagascar during the 17th century. Thus resulting in Madagascar officially becomes a French colony in and around the year 1896. It is a Francophone country, and French is spoken among the educated population of this former French colony. The official languages of Madagascar are Malagasy and French.

What is the terrain on the island of Madagascar?
The terrain on the island of Madagascar is an island in the Indian Ocean off the eastern coast of southern Africa. Madagascar is a large island nation in the Indian Ocean. It is the fourth largest island in the world.
What is the culture like in Madagascar?
The culture of Madagascar reflects the origins of the Malagasy people in Southeast Asia and East Africa. The influence of British, French Arabs, Indians and Chinese settlers is also evident.
When was Madagascar discovered and by whom?
Madagascar got freed from the French only to end up with the British. However, Madagascar did not get any form of European contacts till it was the August 10, 1500. It was the Portuguese captain Diego Dias how had first explored and discovered the African island while he was on his way to India.
How did Madagascar gain its independence
It was in the year 1960 that Madagascar finally got freedom from the French only to be invaded and occupied by the British troops during the Second World War. Madagascar gain its independence in June 26, 1960. They Celebrate Madagascar independence day is June 26.

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Where is Madagascar located in the world map

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