Where is Lithuania located in the world map, history, population and facts

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Where is Lithuania located in the world map, history, population and facts

Lithuania or republic of Lithuania is located in the northern Europe. Its capital is Vilnius. Lithuanian is the official language of this country.

Flag of Lithuania - Where is Lithuania located in the world
Flag of Lithuania

It has a total area of 65,300 square km. the euro is their official currency. It has a population of 2.9 million.
Where is Lithuania located in Europe
It is one of the Baltic States since it shares a boundary with the Baltic Sea. In the north it shares the boundary with Latvia, while Belarus in the east in the south. It also has a common boundary with Poland and Kaliningrand.

When did Lithuania become a member of the EU?
Lithuania becomes a member of the EU in 1 May 2004.
When did Lithuania become independent?
Lithuania becomes independent in February 16, 1918 from soviet union.
Geography of Lithuania
Lithuania extends between 21°E to 27°E and 53° to 57°N. Nemunas River is the largest river. It has a wide range of tributaries which are used for trading. It has 38 km coastline with Baltic Sea. Most of the mainland is covered with lowlands and mountains. It also has a plethora of lakes. This country also has a mixed forest zone which covers almost 33% of the mainland.

Climate of Lithuania
This country has maritime as well as continental climate. In the coastline temperature varies between -2.5 °C to 16 °C. In some places winters temperature falls up to -43 °C. While the maximum summer temperature recorded is 35 °C. The coastal areas receive an average rainfall of 800mm; while the highlands receive 900mm. snow occurs, from October to April. Storms are very common in the coastal regions.
Brief History of Lithuania
The first habitation in Lithuania is back in 10,000 BC in the ice age. It took years to transform the hunters into farmers.
About 2500 BC, there was the origin of Baltic tribes. Amber tribe was popular between these peoples and the Romans. In this time, a small tribe was known as Lithuanians. But later, this tribe become the most dominant.
Finally, Mindaugas became Christian and received the crown from the pope.

Lithuania and Poland formed a common wealth in 1569, to deal with the threats of Moscow. But in the 18th century, the country was complexly partitioned and joined with Austria and Russia. After World War I, again Lithuania was united. The economy of Lithuania is agriculture based. Now you are clear about where Lithuania located in the world and what is, is its geography. Lithuania is amongst world’s 25 best countries to live in.

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