Where is Liberia located in the world map, history, flag & population facts

Liberia facts and information about geography, government, history & culture

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Where is Liberia located in the world map, history and facts

The Republic of Liberia is located in the west of Africa. Its capital is Monrovia. The official language is English. It is a Christian estate with an area of 111,369 square kilometers.

Flag of Liberia - Where is Liberia located in the world
Flag of Liberia

Liberian dollar is the standard currency of Liberia. The word Liberia means Land of the Free. It has a large coastline with the Atlantic Ocean. It shares international borders with Sierra Leone, Guinea and Ivory Coast.
Geography and climate of Liberia
It extends between 4 ° N to 9° N and 7 ° W to 12°W. The landscape is mostly flat and has huge mangroves. There are also plateaus and low mountains in the east.

The hills are mostly covered with tropical rain forest. In northern section there you can find the elephant grass. It has a tropical equatorial climate, which is hot all the year round and experiences heavy rainfall.
In the winter season that is November to March, dry and dusty Harmattan winds blows, which causes many problems to the peoples of Liberia.

Brief History of Liberia
There were many districts of Liberia where people have lived for more than thousands of years. The Portuguese arrived in this region in mid of the 1400s. There was a rise of trans-Atlantic trade. This area was popularly known as Grain Coast since it supplied pepper grains to the countries of Europe. The Kru are expert in navigation and sailing in the wild oceans. They participated in European trading, also in transporting slaves.

Why was Liberia created?
United States created Liberia as a colony for former African American slaves and their free black descendants.
What is the history of Liberia?
In 1816, American Colonization Society was formed. When the United States and Britain have rejected the slave trade, the American navy, captured the slave trading ships and settled them in Liberia. On 26th July 1847, Liberia got independent.

But they had little power in their hands. Most of the decisions are taken by African-American settlers who are known as America-Liberians. There were many reports published, which suggested that these people had slaves. In 1980, this one party estate was broken by Master Sergeant Samuel.

They were accepted by the people of Liberia and got freedom from the domination. After the cold war, Charles Taylor invaded Liberia and took over its control. Finally, the civil war came to an end by the effort of women mass action for peace. Know the most amazing fact about Liberia explore once in a life time.

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Where is Liberia located in the world map

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