Where is Lebanon located in the world map with facts about Lebanon history

Where is Lebanon located in the middle east with Lebanon facts of geography

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Where is Lebanon located in the world map with facts about Lebanon history

You must have heard the name of the country Lebanon. It is officially called the Lebanese Republic. The most common question which people ask is “Where is Lebanon located?” In western Asia, it is a sovereign state. To the east and north, this country is bordered by the country Syria. However, to the southwest, it is bounded by the country Israel. Lebanon is located exactly at the crossroads of the Arabian hinterland and the Mediterranean Basin. The country has been shaped in such a manner such that the rich history is facilitated and its cultural identity flourishes portraying the ethnic and religious diversity.
Geographic location of Lebanon
Lebanon is only Middle Eastern country without desert. The exact geographical location or precisely the latitude and longitude of this country are 33.9270 degrees North and 35.6951 degrees east. The neighboring countries of Lebanon are Cyprus, and the Maritime Boundaries are Akrotiri and Dhekelia.

Interesting facts regarding Lebanon
#The country is located in the continent of Asia.
#The largest city, as well as the capital of the country, is Beirut.
#The overall area of this country is about 10,452 square kilometers.
#The official language that is being spoken is Arabic.
#The calling code of the country is +961.
#40% of the Lebanese in Lebanon are Christians
#Beirut was destroyed and rebuilt 7 times
#Lebanon, the country, was occupied by over 15 countries, nations and empires
#Lebanon is a well known commercial hub of Middle East
#There are more than 3000 species of flora in Lebanon

Brief History of Lebanon
Other than knowing “Where is Lebanon located exactly,” you should also know the history of the country as well. Earliest civilization in Lebanon was seen even more than seven thousand years back. This country was the homeland of Canaanites along with their kingdom. It was around 64 BC when the entire region came under the Roman Empire rule. Over time, it became one of the largest principal places of Christianity.
However, after that during the period from 1516 to 1918, the region was ruled by the Ottoman Empire. After the World War 1, the country came under the reign of the French. It was only during the year of 1943 when the country gained independence. A proper economic and political condition prevailed throughout the country.
Culture of Lebanon
You now know “where is Lebanon located”, but something that is very crucial is the culture of this country. Lebanon has 18 religious communities with their own cultural aspect. Throughout the year’several civilizations have created history. One of the famous architecture is the Temple of Bacchus; the Royal Child is one of the best artifacts that this country possesses.
I think this article helps you to know where Lebanon is located on the world with map of Lebanon and surrounding countries.

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Where is Lebanon located in the world map