Where is Jamaica located in the world map, history & facts of Caribbean

Interesting Jamaica facts and information about culture & geography

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Where is Jamaica located in the world map, history & facts of Caribbean

What is the geographical location of Jamaica?
Jamaica is a wondrous island country with absolute beauty, and that is situated on the top of Caribbean islands. Kingston is the capital city of this country.

Flag of Jamaica - Where is Jamaica located in the world
Flag of Jamaica

Jamaica is an island full of splendor, and that is surrounded all over by luxuriant surroundings as well as bronzed beaches. The Jamaica Island sparkles brilliantly, and people can spend their vacation with their family in this place that is known for its beauty and cultural heritage.
How big is the island of Jamaica?
The island country is about 10,990 square kilometers in its area, and it lies about 145 kilometers to South of Cuba.

Historical Details of Jamaica
The population in Jamaica is about 2.8 million, and it is regarded the third most densely inhabited Anglophone country.
Who were the original inhabitants of Jamaica?
Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean Sea. The original inhabitants of Jamaica are the Arawaks.
Who was Jamaica colonized by?
The island country was previously inhabited by the indigenous Taino as well as Arawak people. It was after the advent of Christopher Columbus that the island came under Spanish rule. It was until the year 1655 that this country remained under the tenure of Spain. Jamaica has captured again in the year 1655 by the British, and it was then the Spanish Colonists fled from Jamaica.

The slaves who escaped from the Spanish started living with the maroons, and they fought with the British in the 18th Century. Jamaica a slave dependent nation had become the largest sugar exporting country in the world during the initial 200 years of British ruling, and it produced nearly 77,000 tons of sugar all through the year. The slave trade in Jamaica was abolished in the year 1807, and the labor pool was supplemented by the Chinese as well as Indian Workers.
What is Independence Day in Jamaica?
Jamaica gained its independence in August 6, 1962 but is still a member of the British Common Wealth.

Imperative Facts of Jamaica
The population of Jamaica especially the Arawak group grew yams and corn. The other major crops in Jamaica comprise of bananas, sugar cane, and mangoes. The national drink of this island country is Rum, and its special drink is rum mixed with coconut water.

The National dish of the people of Jamaica is Salt fish and Ackee, and it is most often eaten for breakfast. It is a premier destination for tourist to visit for a holiday and you can enjoy a tropical weather in this destination. Enjoy Your Vacation in the Most Beautiful Paradise on Earth!

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Where is Jamaica located in the world map

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