Where is Indonesia located in the world map, history and facts detail

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Where is Indonesia located in the world map, history and facts

Where is Indonesia located in the world? The world’s biggest archipelago with a collection of about 17,508 islands among which 6000 of them are already inhabited is Indonesia.

National Flag of Indonesia - Where is Indonesia located in the world map
Flag of Indonesia

The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta whereas the major cities include Surabaya, Medan, Bandung, and Semarang. Indonesia covers an area of 1904569 per square kilometers and it has a coast line that stretches for 33,998 miles.
Shares borders with 3 other countries
It shares its borders with countries like the Timor-Leste, Papua New Guinea, and Malaysia. Other neighboring countries are Singapore, Philippines, Australia, Palau and India. The highest peak in Indonesia is Puncak Jaya, which is 5030 meters above sea level.

Indonesia has a rich and cultural history. Although it has been economically and politically unstable since a long period of time and only in recent times has it grown up to become more secure in certain parts.

Brief History of Indonesia
Indonesia’s history had begun with systematic and organized civilizations right on the island of Sumatra and Java. A Buddhist kingdom, under the name of Srivijaya, had taken place on the Sumatra Island for about 7 centuries spanning from the 7th century to the 24th.
It expanded between the Malay Peninsula and the West Java at the peak. In the 14th century, there was a rise of a Hindu Kingdom in Majapahit on the eastern side of Java Island. They also had a chief minister from the year 1331 to 1364. His name was Gadjah Mada, and he is the one who made Indonesia similar to what it is today.

When did Indonesia gain independence from the Dutch?
On 17 August 1945 Indonesia gain independence from the Dutch
Where is the Dutch East Indies?
Dutch East Indies remain today in between Malaysia and Indonesia.

What are the main islands that make up Indonesia?
Main Islands that make Indonesia are Sumatra, Bali, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Java, , Nusa Tenggara islands, Moluccas Islands, and Irina Jaya.
How many active volcanoes are there in Indonesia?
There are 130 active volcanoes in Indonesia

How many Muslims are in Indonesia?
The largest Muslim population in a country is in Indonesia; about 88% of Indonesia’s Muslim. Hindu was a dominant religion in Indonesia, which however got replaced by Islam by the end of 16th Century. Indonesia is now the largest Muslim dominated country in the world, and the official language includes the Bahasa Indonesia.
Also in the early years of 1600, there was a large growth of Dutch settlements in the islands of Indonesia and by the year 1602, there gained control over most of the Indonesia apart from East Timor, which is a part of Portugal.

Indonesia was ruled by the Dutch for as long as 3 centuries just like the Netherlands East Indies. Finally, the people of Indonesia started a movement demanding their independence in the early years of 20th century. This movement took an ugly turn and after much struggle, Indonesia finally gained freedom in the year 1945 on the glorious day of august 17. Explore Indonesia the fourth largest country in the world in terms of population.

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Where is Indonesia located in the world map?

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