Where is Hong Kong located in the world map, history population & facts

Interesting facts about Hong Kong and surrounding countries

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Where is Hong Kong located in the world map, history and facts

Many people have confusion where is Hong Kong located in what country or is Hong Kong considered a country. Here I am going to make you clear about the frequently ask questions.

Flag of Hong Kong - Where is Hong Kong located in the World
Flag of Hong Kong

Who are interested to know the history and fact about Hong Kong. Hong Kong meaning “Fragrant Harbor” is one of China’s two special administrative regions. Located in southern China it has Guangdong City to its north and South China Sea on the other three sides.
Where is Hong Kong located geographically?
Hong Kong expanded in 2,754 Sq km land and sea area. Hong Kong is fairly hilly to mountainous with steep slopes areas divided into three main territories; Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula and the New Territories. The highest place of this area is “Tai Mo shan” which stand up to 958 meters above sea level.

Grasslands are present in the uphill region whereas secondary rain forests can be found in the lower areas. Hong Kong has a humid subtropical climate. Summer is oftentimes accompanied by typhoons. Typhoons can also lead up to floods and landslides. The winters are initially mild but February is usually cold due to cold winds coming from North.

How many islands are there in Hong Kong?
There are 263 islands in Hong Kong among of these Lantau Island is the largest one and second largest is Hong Kong Island.

When did the British get Hong Kong?
Do you know when did Hong Kong became part of China. It is important to know the brief history of Hong Kong. Hong Kong Island was ceded to Britain in 1842, and the territory became a Crown colony. It has been under the British rule for a long time. The territory of Hong Kong reverted to Chinese sovereignty on Jul 01, 1997 then end the 156 years of British rule. People’s Republic of China started to rule over Hong Kong as a special administrative region (HKSAR) by the Chief Executive. Executive is advised on major policy decisions by the Executive Council.

Economy of Hong Kong
Economically, Hong Kong’s stock exchange ranks seventh in the world and is a major financial center because of its low taxation and free trade policy. It maintains a highly capitalist economy and is one of the “Four Asian Tigers”, the title given citing its rapid growth development from 1960 to 1990. The net import-export value of the territory being more than its gross domestic product gives rise to re-export and has eventually made it the largest re-export center of the world.

Business and Tourism in Hong Kong
Due to the influence of British and Chinese culture it is often termed as the place where “East meets West” and is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Almost every city in Hong Kong is a tourist attraction in itself.

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Where is Hong Kong located in the World map?

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