Where is Honduras located in the world map, population, history & facts

Interesting facts about Honduras culture, people, geography for tourism

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Where is Honduras located in the world map, population, history & facts

The country surrounded by different neighbor’s at all four sides is Honduras which makes it easy to find out where is Honduras located in the world map. The country marks its presence in Central America. Neighboring country of Honduras are Guatemala in the west, Nicaragua in the south east & El Salvador in the south west. Its borders the Caribbean Sea and North Pacific Ocean.

The country is home to about 9.1 million people and a host of the Spanish language. The people in Honduras are mainly Roman Catholics with a rich culture. The country has been a major contributor to the Mesoamerican culture. The Maya civilization once flourished in Honduras. The country offers a lot to study about the historical times and an entirely different culture.

Know about the country Honduras
Honduras offer a lot to research about time immemorial and a very rich culture. The climate also provides a variation of the tropical and temperate pattern. If you have any questions about where is Honduras, how are the people there and the culture, you must study the rich history of the country. The country is famous for:

*Textile industries

Flag of Honduras
Flag of Honduras

*Abundant natural resources
*Fertile farms of coffee
*Sugar cane and fruit orchards

Honduras and the world
Honduras has been one of the biggest exporters of fruits in the international market. But with the increasing modernization, the agricultural lands have seen a downfall. The fresh water source for Honduras has also become the pick of the pollution. The ecosystem of Honduras offers a great deal and significant, vivid vegetation for people visiting from around the world. The vascular plants are one of the most exciting things about the place.

Interesting fact about Honduras
#Christopher Columbus discovered Honduras in 1502
#Honduras holds the world’s highest murder rates
#Many women are forced into human trafficking and prostitution
#Honduras expand on area of 43,433 square miles
#Capital city of Honduras is Tegucigalpa and the official language is Spanish.

The government of Honduras stays 4 years to rule. Honduras has been in the news in the context of the Panama papers with the two Honduran business tycoons. Honduras does not share very healthy foreign relations at international levels. There have been many chances when there was tension in the neighbors. Honduras is administrated by 18 departments.

There are many places which make it easy to know where is Honduras located. Some of the places are La Tigra National Park, Celaque National Park, Pico Bonito National Park, Cayos Cochinos, and Comayagua Street of carpets and much more to lure you to this destination. The land is full of things for you to travel and explore.
I think given information help you to know where is Honduras located in the world map. Visit an amazing country at once to discover Interesting facts about Honduras culture, people, lifestyle, geography etc.

Where is Honduras located on the world map and Central America