Where is Haiti located in the world map, history & facts of Haiti location

Interesting facts about Haiti including geography, history, economy & culture

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Where is Haiti located in the world map, history & facts of Haiti location

There are not many people in this world, who knows about Haiti or Where is Haiti Located. It happens quite often that we do not know about individual countries unless we hear about it. It was only a few years earlier when major earthquakes in Haiti caused great destruction and loss of life.

National Flag of Haiti - Where is Haiti Located in The World
National Flag of Haiti

This major calamity forced people to know about this small country. However, for people those who still does not know anything about this small inhabited place, this article is a perfect one, as it presents some of the facts about this country that we should know; Where is Haiti Located.

Where is Haiti located geographically?
Haiti is the third largest country in the Caribbean behind Cuba and the Dominican Republic. It is located in West Indies expend about 28,000 square kilometers, situated between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. The name of West Indies was given by Christopher Columbus when he thought that his, voyage. This small country includes the western hemisphere of the globe and along with two islands located off the shore.

What is the Haitian Revolution?
Get to know more about the history of the small country, Haiti! Haiti first became an independent republic only in the year of 1804. But, at that time, it was under the French and hence was a French colony. The people of that place are known as Arawak Indians. In the year of 1804, the country included only a single island named Hispaniola. However, this situation escalated quickly in the year of 1843. A rebellion made this country the Dominican Republic. It was only in the year of 1991 when Jean-Bertrand became the first president of Haiti to be elected democratically.

Haiti interesting facts
Well, this country has the largest population among all other Caribbean countries. Mostly two languages are spoken here. The first language is French and second is Creole. They have a very indigenous culture. The native language Creole is of African origin.

What is the main industry in Haiti?
Some of the primary industries are flour milling, sugar refining, and cement and textile industry. The majority of the Haitians rely on the agricultural sector for their living.
As a matter of fact, Haiti is not a hot spot for earthquakes, yet this country has suffered significant losses due to this natural calamity. To know more about this country you should do some more detailed research on it.

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Where is Haiti Located in The World Map?

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