Where is Greece located in the world map, population, history and facts

All interesting facts about Greece tourism, people, culture and capital

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Where is Greece located in the world map, population, history and facts

The country of Greece also referred to as the Hellen Republic was known as Hellas in the ancient times. This country is located in the southeastern part of Europe.

Flag of Greece - Where is Greece located in the world
Flag of Greece

Greece has a population that is approximately 10.8 million. The largest city of Greece is Athens, which also happens to be its national capital. Athens is followed by the city Thessaloniki, which is termed as its co-capital. Greece is the country that proudly bears the greatest histories of all times.
What are the geographical features of ancient Greece?
Greece is strategically located at the junctions of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Located in the southernmost region of the Balkan Peninsula, it shares its land borders with the Republic of Madonna and Bulgaria to the north, Albania in the northwest and Turkey to the northeast regions.

What are the major land-forms of Greece?
Greece richly consists of nine geographic regions including Madonna, Dodecanese, Cyclades and other islands. It is also covered with Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Sea and the Ionian Sea which is to the west of this country. Greece proudly bears the 11th longest coastline in the world in the Mediterranean Basin, which stretches for 13.676 km. numerous islands are located in this region of which 227 are inhibited. Greece is extremely rich as far as its locations are concerned. Eighty per cent of the landmark in Greece is surrounded by mountains. Mount Olympus is the highest peak with 2.918 meters.

Is Greece an island or a peninsula?
Greece is a country located in Southern Europe, its mainland located at the southern end of the Balkan Peninsula.
Brief history of Greece
Greece probably has one of the gorgeous histories which are known by all. Because of its rich history, Greece is called the cradle of Western civilization. Greeks were unified initially under Philip of Macedon in the fourth century. His son happens to be the greatest conqueror of all times, Alexander the great. He conquered most of the ancient world and is solely responsible for spreading the Greek culture from the Mediterranean to the Indus River.

Present Day Greece
Greece, as it is mostly covered by mountains and peninsulas around it. Greece mainly features a mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. Presently Greece is one of the most successful countries in the world. Economically and democratically, it is one of the most stable countries. Greece has been able to come up as one of supreme power in the world of sports.
The rich mythology of Greece, which portrays some of the biggest warriors of all times, is the main reason behind its fame and honor in the rest of the world. Undoubtedly it is one of the strongest nations in the world currently.

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Where is Greece located in the world map

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