Where is Germany located in the world map, population, history and facts

Some interesting facts about Germany location, people, culture profile

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Where is Germany located in the world map, population, history and facts

Where is Germany located in the world? Come explore the Germany! If you are planning to visit any of the European states, then Germany could be the best choice for you.

 National Flag of Germany - Where is Germany located in the world map
Flag of Germany

Berlin is the capital city of Germany. Germany had been a federal republic in the States of Europe that too in the West Central area. After the list of United States, Germany had been the top most places for the migrants to find their livelihood. Since the past eras, quite a large group of people have migrated from other places towards these areas. These Germania people migrate to lead a classic form of lifestyle. In terms of posing power, Germany had been on the top list of a wide variety of economy by GDP. Even Germany has successfully earned profits in the fields of technical and industrial sectors.

What region of the world is Germany located in?
For any place, it is the geography that attracts people and makes them find their livelihood. Being located in the West Central Europe basically, it covers up an area of 357021 square kilometers. Some of its areas cover the northern German plains while some other parts may share its border with Denmark. If you would go through the longitudinal and latitudinal stretchers, then you can find the areas covering up latitudes in between 47 to 55 degree towards North and longitudes lie in 5 to 16 degree toward East.

What are the countries that border Germany?
Countries bordering with Germany are Denmark to the north, Poland and Czech Republic to the east, Austria and Switzerland to the south, France and Luxembourg to the southwest, Belgium and the Netherlands to the north west.

Historical facts about Germany:

  • Life has been found existing in this place in the early eras of 600,000 back. Humans who have found their existence were probably the early era tribes who used weapons for their protection.
  • As the time passes modern era humans have started finding their survival, and we’re later on classified to be Neanderthal.
  • History of German had remained quite fascinating just for the rulers like Ottonian, Roman emperors, etc.
  • Some parts of Germany have even gone through the rule of Nazi party under Adolf Hitler which has ruled quite a long period.

Who were the first inhabitants of Germany?
It is believe that the Celts are the first inhabitants of Germany.
Who is the founder of German?
German Empire in 1871 under the leadership of Prussian Chancellor “Otto von Bismarck

What was Germany called before it was Germany?
Before it was called Germany, it was called Germania.
What is the weather and climate like in Germany?
Parts of Germany had been facing with the seasonal climatic attack along with the western winds. Germany is situated near by the oceans, so winds disturb the area nearby most of the times. In the Eastern parts, humans could experience the winters with extreme cold and summers often not. Thus, the weather is quite effective and could be handled easily.

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Where is Germany located in the world map?

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