Where is Georgia located in the world map, population, history and facts

Some interesting facts about Georgia tourism, culture people & geography

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Where is Georgia located in the world map, population, history and facts

It is very easy to answer if someone asks you as where is Georgia located. The country is at the crossroads of the region of two main continents. The west Asian and East European crossroads make the place for Georgia. The area has been marked with several historical and political events. The name denotes its origin from Greek words. Many scholars conflict it as a Persian terminology.

Total area of Georgia is 69,700 sq km. Its neighboring countries are Russia in the north, Azerbaijan in east, Armenia in south and Turkey in the south-east and Black sea in the west. The country has 9 regions held together with 2 autonomous republics. The various mountains ranges make the geography of the country and have the deepest known cave in the world.

The ecosystem is a combination of temperate rain forests, glaciers, and semi-arid lands. The two climatic zones have differentiated this place from the climatic patterns of the entire world. The land has been a rich source of all the leading noble metals and silk.

Georgia country and the world
The simple longitudes and longitudes make it easy to find ‘where is Georgia located in Europe and world.’ The country has been marked from the times of Paleolithic age, ruled by many kings and queens.

#Colchis has been the center of all evolution.

Flag of Georgia country
Flag of Georgia country

#Middle age ultimately differentiates Georgian culture from Paleolithic age
#Cathedral, poetry, and literature came in during the golden age
#Tamar, a female ruler, reigned for a long period of 29 years.
#Georgia came up as an independent republic after Russian- Georgian war.
#Estimated population of Georgia is 4 million in 2017
#Tbilisi is not only capital but also the largest city of Georgia

What are some interesting facts about Georgia?

#Deepest cave in the world “Krubera Cave” depth of 2,197 meters / 7,208 feet situated in Georgia.
#Georgia well known for its diverse ecological zone in the world.
#Georgia country filled with many tourist attractions including Europe’s highest settlements, hiking, skiing, natural wonders & oldest wine producing region in the world.
#Mount Shkhara at 5,193 meters (17,040 feet) above sea level is the highest mountain of Georgia
#About 40% territory of Georgia covered by the forest.
#Georgian kingdom of Iberia changed to Christianity in 326 AD.
#Georgians are very hospitable people, it is home of one of the oldest Jewish communities in the world.
#Georgian language is one of the unique languages in the world, No one speaks the Georgian language except for Georgians.

Marking the world
The cabinet of Georgia is the ruling power of the country. The legislative assembly has a proper role in the cabinet and the military operations have been halted from 2008. Georgia is good at maintaining foreign relations with its neighboring countries and is a part of many international organizations. The country is yet to hold a full position in NATO.
Human rights have been implemented with strict rules, and any violations are subjected to severe punishments. The economy of Georgia has been growing rapidly in the world and emerging as a strong economy for the competition. There were bans on various imports which marked a significant change in the economic pattern.

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Where is Georgia located in the world map & Europe