Where is France located in the world map, population, history and facts

All interesting facts about France tourism, people, couture and scenery

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Where is France located in the world map, population, history and facts

Where is France located in the world and what are its popular places to visit? France is situated in the Western Europe.

National flag of France - Where is France located in the world map
National flag of France

It has an area of 643,801 square kilometers and a population of 66 Million. The capital of France is Paris. French is the official language of France. The country has a plethora of natural beauty, and it the world’s most popular tourist destination.
What is the geographical location of France?
France is boarded by a number of water bodies. From the north it is bordered by the North Sea, in the northeast there is the English Channel, in the west there is the Atlantic Ocean, and in the south there is the Mediterranean Sea. It shares land borders with countries like Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Monaco, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Andorra.

What is the average temperature in France?
Average temperature between 20°C and 26°C from May through October, 6°C in January to 26°C in August and July and August are warm months. Since there is a lot of variation in the landscape, so there is a mixture of climate found in France. Along the coast line in the west, there is strict oceanic climate. While in the south of France, it is warmer. While in the north-west part is relatively cooler. Most of the France experiences a semi-oceanic type of climate.

Brief History of France
France has many places which have primitive traces of human life. It was somewhat 1.8 million years ago. There are many sites, which you will find megalithic and Neolithic traces.
Around, 600 BC, a colony of Ionian Greeks was formed on the shores of Mediterranean Sea. Gaul concept was formed in those times. These range between the Atlantic sea, The Rhine, Mediterranean Sea and Pyrenees. Modern France has an almost same division as that of Gaul. In the late middle age, the Carolingian dynasty rules France till Duke was crowned as a Prince. In the early modern period, there has been a series of cultural development. France also experienced along set of wars in this era.

What happened in the French Revolution?
The French Revolution was a period of radical social and political upheaval in France from 1789 to 1799 that profoundly affected French and modern history, marking the decline of powerful monarchies and churches and the rise of democracy and nationalism.

When did France get its independence?
On July 14, 1789 France get its independence it is well known and celebrates as Bastille Day.
Economy of France
France has the third-largest economy in Europe and is has the world’s sixth-largest economy by nominal figures and the ninth largest economy by PPP figures.

Places to visit in France – interesting facts about France
Eiffel Tower: it is one of the world’s top attractions. It was built by Gustave Eiffel, and it is the biggest building in Paris.
St. Tropez: it is a resort community, and is the favorite destination of fashion models, film stars, and millionaires.
Palace of Versailles: it is a royal pace and has some wonders inside it. The hall of mirrors and beautiful garden is worth watching.

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Where is France located in the World map?

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