Where is Egypt located in the world map with ancient history of Egypt facts

Where is Egypt located with ancient interesting facts about Egypt

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Where is Egypt located in the world map with ancient history of Egypt facts

You must have heard the name of the country Egypt. But do you know its exact location on the world map? If no, then do go through this article thoroughly. This will give you a rough idea of where is the country exactly. Officially, Egypt is known as the Arab Republic of Egypt. Now, where is Egypt located? The country is located in North Africa as well as Southwest Asia. You must be thinking how that is possible; well the majority part of the country is situated in northeast Africa. However, the Sinai Peninsula extends to the Southeast Asia. This is how the two continents are connected. Egypt controls the Suez Canal, which links the Mediterranean Sea with the Indian Ocean.

What is the capital city of Egypt?

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and largest population centralized in this city. Approximately 95% of Egyptians live along the Nile River. Egyptian civilization in historic times started from this river. the Nile River” is the longest river in the world follow from Egypt. Mount Catherine 2,629 m is the highest mountain of Egypt. Highlights of Egypt are its deserts, the Great Pyramid of Giza” One of the Seven Wonders of the World”, and the Nile River. There are two deserts Sahara and Libyan also in Egypt. Naturally and culturally rich Egypt have many things to see for tourist.

Facts about the population of Egypt

The border of Egypt is shared by four regions. These are the Gaza Strip, Sudan, Israel, and Libya. Moreover, the water boundaries are the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. The total area that Egypt covers is a lot. The approx. the area is about 1,001,449 square kilometers or 386,662 square miles. What is the population of Egypt? The overall population of Egypt is 95.6 million. This is the reason why Egypt is the fifteenth most populated country in the whole wide world. The largest Arabic population in the world lives in Egypt. They speak Arabic & use as a official language also.

History of Egypt

You should also know the history of Egypt after you came to know “where is Egypt?” During the 10th millennium DC, Egypt was all about hunters and gatherers as well as fishers. Soon after it, this culture was replaced by the culture of grain grinding. Climate changes started showing around 8000 BC. In the early days, the tribal people began to migrate toward the Nile River. After this, they began settling there and started developing an agricultural economy. A centralized society began to show. Some of other historical events that are started from Egypt are Sailing boats, Exchanging wedding rings, Statue of Liberty, first to invent writing, ink & clocks etc.

Significance of Egypt

The particular location of Egypt in parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa, has been an imperative part in the nation’s history. The country has grown to become an immense world power. Moreover, the country Egypt is also considered to be a part of the Middle East as well both politically as well as culturally.

Geographic location Egypt

The latitude and longitude location of Egypt are 30.013056 degrees in the North and 31.208853 degrees in the East respectively. The largest city and capital of Egypt is Cairo. I think this article helps you to know about where Egypt is located on the world map. If it is not enough make a research to learn more information regarding this country over the internet.

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Where is Egypt located in map of Egypt and surrounding countries