Where is Ecuador located in the world map, population, history and facts

Most interesting facts about Ecuador tourism, people, culture and geo location

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Where is Ecuador located in the world map, population, history and facts

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Flag of Ecuador - Where is Ecuador located in the world map
Flag of Ecuador

Come explore the world of Ecuador and understand the basic detailing of how and what has made it look so terrific and attractive. Ecuador has probably been a democratic republic in the history of north western South America. It shares some of its borders with the north part of Columbia, south and east part of the Peru and finally the rest of the Pacific Ocean. It shares maritime borders with Costa Rica. Ecuador has been found to be a place of livelihood for many Amerindian peoples. Since the past 16th century Spain has found the place to be their territory. Since then it has solely dependent upon the selling of commodities like petroleum and other agricultural products for earning.

Where is Ecuador located geographically?
Ecuador has covered up an entire of 283,520 Sq. Km in bigger areas of South America. The Pacific Ocean has bounded up some of its parts with the latitude of 2 degrees North and 5 degrees towards South. Most of the geographical regions of this country usually include the La Costa, La Sierra, La Amazonia and finally the La Region Insular. But apart from its geography, it is the climate that has made it separated from the others by a wide area. Some of its parts may make you feel like being in a subtropical area with the humid climate. Quito is the capital city of Ecuador.

Brief history of Ecuador
Who was Ecuador founded by?
Ecuador discovered by the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro in 1532.
When did Spain take over Ecuador?
Spanish landed in Ecuador in 1531.
How did Ecuador gain its independence?
Ecuador gained its independence after Antonio José de Sucre defeated the Spanish Royalist forces at the Battle of Pichincha, near Quito On May 24, 1822.

  • History would guide you through the various ruling periods of emperors.
  • The first may lead to the pre-Inca rule, Inca era, Spanish era.
  • Finding independence in the area were quite difficult people had to struggle hard for it.
  • Peruvian people have found their occupation through the Jaen, Tumbes, and Guayaquil.
  • Tribes surviving in the northern parts of Ecuador lead the foundation basis of Quito around the 1000 eras.
  • The Inca Civil war has founded the existence of Spanish people.

Economy of Ecuador
Ecuador has been one of those developing countries lists that depend on solely upon the commodities production for their livelihood. Till date, Ecuador has been classified to be the medium earning place with moderate sources of income.

What is the weather like in Ecuador year round?
Ecuador encompasses a wide range of natural formations and climates. Dry season start from June and end in Sept, this is summer with warm climates. Wet season start from October and end in May this is winter with cold.

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Where is Ecuador located in the world map?

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