Where is Dominican Republic located in the world map, history and facts

Really interesting facts about Dominican republic people, culture, geography

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Where is Dominican Republic located in the world map, history and facts

Do you know where is the Dominican Republic located in the world? It is a Caribbean nation sharing its island with Hispaniola in the west. If no then come go through the guidelines and gather knowledge. Santo Domingo is the capital city of this country.

Flag of the Dominican Republic - Where is Dominican Republic located in the World map
Flag of the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has been spread over an area of 18,705 Sq. Km. Almost 10.5 million people have found their livelihood in this area. In the list of economies, Dominica Republic has earned greater position and respect. It has even served a wide group of people with the best quality of occupations.
Tourism in Dominican Republic facts
Dominican has probably been known for the most auspicious pristine beaches. Resorts and palaces have been gorgeous places of attraction. The Dominican Republic has found growth in the fields of construction, manufacturing and has attracted a wide group of tourists towards the place.

Where is the Dominican Republic geographically located?
This place is located in the areas of eastern parts of Hispaniola. Being spread over a vast area it has been a magnificent beauty for the attraction of thousands of tourist and has been a historic place since the past eras. The Dominican Republic has been surrounded by two most vital coastal regions named Saona and Beata. Some of the mountainous regions are surrounding the areas for providing them with an attractive look.

What is the climate like in the Dominican Republic?
Climatic season changes as per the tropical areas average annual temperature around 25°C. In the months between Novembers till January usually, this area feels the wet climate. Often the tropical cyclones hit the area.
Brief history of Dominican Republic

  • The Dominican Republic has faced the rule of French people in the past decades.
  • In its first period of establishment, this place has seen the arrival of Spanish rulers.
  • After this in the later periods, Dominican has felt the ruling party’s effect in the areas which were known to be the Trujillo.
  • Spanish colony has seen the restoration of the war in the Santiago.
  • Even historical views reveal that the area has been once under the rule of Christopher Columbus in the areas of America.

What is the main religion in the Dominican Republic?
Historically, Catholicism dominated country, these days’ influences by the different religious people like Protestant and non-Christian groups like Buddhists, Jews, and Muslims etc.

What are some celebrations in the Dominican Republic?
Main festival that celebrated widely in Dominican Republic is Dominican Carnival. Mainly it celebrated on the month of February around February 27, Dominican Independence Day but some towns celebrate on March.

Which country shares its border with Republica Dominicana?
Do you know where is the Dominican republic located and what countries surround it. The Dominican Republic shares a border with Haiti in the Caribbean Sea region.
A wide group of the population has found their livelihood in the areas of Dominican Republic. Many ethnic immigrants like the Lebanese, Syrians and the Palestinians have found their existence in the areas of West Asians. Quite a large group of people has found their survival in this place of beauty.


Where is Dominican Republic located in the World map?

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