Where is Costa Rica located in the world map, population, history and facts

Most interesting facts about costa rica people, culture and traditions

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Where is Costa Rica located in the world map, population, history and facts

There are altogether many countries around this globe. Thus, it is of course not possible to know in details about each and every one of them.

National Flag of Costa Rica - where is Costa Rica located in the World
National Flag of Costa Rica

Costa Rica falls among those countries about which people do not know much. This article gives you an entire idea about this country which is yet to be known by various people where is Costa Rica located. Know more about the geographic location, and facts regarding this county. One of the most interesting points is you can travel to this place very quickly from cities like Europe, Canada, and the United States.

Where is Costa Rica located geographically?
This place is situated in the narrow isthmus that connects South America and North America. This small country is situated at the northern end of the isthmus body. This is precisely the second smallest country after El Salvador. In spite of the diminishing size, the country has some of the beautiful coastlines. First being the Atlantic and second being the Pacific ocean. With lush green vegetation and beautiful climate, hiking and surfing are some of the popular activities of many tourists. Experience the Fun facts about the country Costa Rica! San José is the capital city of Costa Rica.

What are the neighboring countries of Costa Rica?
Christopher Columbus makes the first European landfall in Costa Rica then settlement of in Costa Rica begins. Neighboring countries of Costa Rica are Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the southeast, the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Caribbean Sea to the east, and Ecuador to the south of Cocos Island.

How to get to Costa Rica?
It is relatively easy to visit Costa Rica. Well, you can break your journey, or you can take a direct flight. It is about seven hours of flight from Los Angeles and five hours of flight from New York. This place can be considered as one of the most suited places for a romantic getaway, primarily because of the breathtaking scenic beauty and the beautiful climate pattern. This is even one of the most loved destinations for honeymoon for newly wedded couples.

What is the average temperature in Costa Rica?
There are two main seasons. The first is summer. This season ranges from December till the end of April and the wet season varies from the month of May till the month of November, this is also known as the green season. November, December and January are coolest months of the year and the average annual temperature is around 21 to 27 degrees Celsius.

Costa Rica interesting fact – Caribbean coast
This place in Costa Rica feels like another universe. The climate pattern is entirely different and is one of the most loved locations by tourists. There is a complicated history of this small country.

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Where is Costa Rica located in the World map?

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