Where is Canada located in the world map, population, history and facts

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Where is Canada located in the world map, population, history and facts

Get to know more about Canada like its geographic location and history, Where is Canada located in the world? You must have heard about Canada. But, do you know anything about it? For instance, the geographic location and history are unknown to many people of the world.

National Flag of Canada
National Flag of Canada

Thus, for them this article is appropriate. Through this article, you will learn about the exact location of this country, history of the place and other detailed facts which you should know. Information such as these helps to keep you well informed and up to date. Well, as it is known to many people, this is a country in the North America. This is a vast country. It stretches from the U.S. and continues till the Arctic Circle in the far south.

Which geographic landscape is home to most of Canada’s population
As mentioned earlier, this is a country situated in the North America. It consists of about ten provinces and three other territories. This country extends from the Pacific to the Atlantic and continuing northward in the Arctic Ocean. It is the second largest country in the world covering a space of 9.90 million kilometer square.

Where is Vancouver canada located?
Vancouver Canada located in the southwest coast and most populous city in the Canadian province of British Columbia. Vancouver Canada situated at 70 meters above sea level in between 49.25 latitude and 123.12 longitudes. The border shared by the US and Canada is the longest and largest border of the world.

Population density – How much land is uninhabited in Canada?
Canada is one of the countries which are very sparsely populated. Approximately 90% of Canada is uninhabited with 90% of Canadians living within 500 km of the USA. Tundra and Forest are the two most important territories which dominate the land of this country. However, the Rocky Mountains have some share in Canada. 35 million people who inhabit Canada, stays in the southern most border. The main reason being, Canada has a freezing weather climate. However, it is quite warmer in the southern areas of the country.

Brief history of Canada
In the very start of 15th century, most of the Canada was occupied by the French and British colonies. After various conflicts and after the United Kingdom lost its territories, Canada was created today.
Who were the first settlers in Canada?
Europeans discovered east coast of Canada, explorer John Cabot in 1497 then they start settlements.

When did Canada separate from Great Britain?
Many people interested tom know when did Canada become independent from the British empire. Canada separate from Great Britain is in 1982.

How did Canada gain independence from Britain?
Canada gain independence from Britain on Jul 01, 1867. When did Canada become a sovereign nation, John A. Macdonald became Canada’s first prime minister. This country is democratic of federal parliamentary with Queen Elizabeth as the head of the state.

Canada listed in top 10 most developed countries
Canada is one of the most developed countries and ranks tenth in global income. Canada also ranks ninth in the index of human development. In freedom, education, liberties it ranks as the top most member. Along with these, there are several more areas as well where it excels.

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Where is Canada located in the world map?

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