Where is Bolivia located in the world map, population, history and facts

Most interesting facts about Bolivia attraction, geography, people, culture, flora & fauna

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Where is Bolivia located in the world map, population, history and facts

Bolivia is a central South American country. The country has a broad variety of terrain. The entire territory of the country spans across the Andes Mountains, the Amazon Basin, and the Atacama Desert. Officially, this country is known as the Plurinational State of Bolivia. People often ask “Where is Bolivia located?”The ease and north of this country are bordered by Brazil. The southeast region is covered by the country Paraguay. The south and the southwest are respectively covered by the nation Argentina and Chile respectively. The northwest area is bordered by Peru.

Geographical location

The Andean mountains cover almost one-third of the country. The largest city along with this, the principal economic centers is located in Altiplano. The latitude and longitude of Bolivia are 16.2902 degrees south and 63.5887 degrees west respectively.

Few facts regarding Bolivia 

Flag of Bolivia
Flag of Bolivia

*The continent in which this country is located is South America.
*The capital of the country is Sucre.
*The largest city in this place is Santa Cruz de la Sierra.
*The total area covered by the country is 1,098,581 square kilometers or 424,163 square miles.
*The population is roughly about 10.89 million
*The official languages that are spoken in this country are Spanish, Quechua, Guarani, Aymara and 33 more native languages.
*The calling code is +591.

Most interesting facts about Bolivia

#Neighboring country of Bolivia are Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile and Peru.
#Bolivia is a landlocked country in South American continent.
#La Paz the capital of Bolivia is the highest city in the world situated at 3,650m/11,975ft above sea level.
#Bolivia is a multi-ethnic country housing about 37 different native groups
#More than 40% of all animal and plant life in the planet can be found in Bolivian territory.
#Famous Lake Titicaca situated at the edge of Bolivia and Peru.
#Bolivia has the world’s largest salt flat, expand in 10,582 square kilometers / 4,086 sq mi at an 3,656 meters elevation.
#“The Road of Death” is in Bolivia, known as a most dangerous road in the world.

History of Bolivia

Till now, it was all about where is Bolivia located, now find out about the history of this place. Even before Spanish colonization began, the region with the Andean mountain became a fragment of Inca Empire. The eastern and northern lowlands were colonized or occupied by several tribes. During 16th century, the Spanish took control over these regions. During this colonial period, Bolivia was recognized by the name Upper Peru and was mainly controlled by the “Royal Court of Charcas.” The majority of the empire was built upon silver extracted from the mines of Bolivia.


After the independence, Bolivia secured a stable political as well as economic condition. During the Pacific War that took place between 1879 and 1884, Bolivia has been landlocked by Chile. However, agreements with the other neighboring countries granted access to the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean.
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Where is Bolivia located in the world map & South America