Where is Belize located in the world map, history, people & culture facts

Interesting facts about Belize tourism with culture information

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Where is Belize located in the world map, history, people & culture facts

Get to know more facts about Belize that has one of the most diverse ecosystems in the whole wide world. Most people do not know about the country Belize “Where is Belize located at?”. There are many individuals who have not even heard the name of this country.

National Flag of Belize - Where is Belize located in the World map
Flag of Belize

This nation is situated on the eastern coast of Central America. This is a beautiful and exotic place of Central America. It consists of a beautiful shoreline of the Caribbean Sea in the east and consists of a dense and beautiful jungle to the west of this country. This country is mainly known for its magnificent beaches, beautiful lodges, sport fishing, and scuba diving. Many tourists are attracted to this place for its humongous Barrier Reef, and many other exotic locations make this an elegant and appropriate destination for tourists.

Geographical location – What country does Belize belong to?
Belize located in the Caribbean; it is located in Central America on its eastern coast. It is the only country in Central America whose official language is English. This different nation is bordered by Mexico on its north and by Guatemala to the southwest. The stretch is about 290 kilometers long and about 110 kilometers wide.
What is the capital of Belize in Central America?
Belmopan is the capital city of Belize located in Central America.

Population density
As you have a very well estimated, for its tiny size, the country ranks lowest in the population density in Central America. The land of the country is only 22,800 kilometers square and as estimated in the year of 2015, the population of this country is about 368,310. The growth rate of population is only about 1.87%. This is highest in the Western Hemisphere.

Diverse ecosystem
The variety of marine as well as terrestrial species is so vast that it has become of the most globally renowned Biological Corridor. Other than this, the rich language and history reflect the history of this place and its diversity. With an enormous diversity of coral reefs and music, it has become one of the most famous places with variety.

Brief history of Belize: What was the name of Belize before its independence?
It was only in the year of 1981 Belize was granted independence. Before independence Belize this area was known as the British Honduras. However, a few British soldiers remained there just to provide protection from the threat of Guatemalan. In 1984, the first election was held. Slowly everything started changing in this small country. Things began to change from good to best. This place became a very renowned tourist destination and also slowly started growing its economy step by step.

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Where is Belize located in the World map?

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