Where is Argentina located on the world map, population, history and facts

Really interesting facts about Argentina location, climate, culture & people

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Where is Argentina located on the world map, population, history and facts

It Important to know; where is Argentina located in the World? Interesting facts about Argentina because; it is one of the ten richest nations in the world.

National Flag of Argentina - Where is Argentina located in the World map
National Flag of Argentina

Officially known as the Argentine Republic, Argentina is the biggest part of Latin America where people speak Spanish.
Where is Argentina located geographically?
Argentina is located in the south part of South America and is situated on the east side of Chile, to the west of Uruguay and in the southern part of Paraguay and Bolivia.
However in today’s world, Argentina is quite different from the other countries of South America due to its large domination by a European culturally influenced middle class. More than 97% of the population of Argentina comprises of people who are European, mainly including people of Spanish and Italian descent.

Which city is the capital of Argentina?
The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires, and Argentina also covers an area of 1073518 miles.
What are the borders of Argentina?
The bordering countries include Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay. The coastline of Argentina also expands up to 3200 miles and the highest peak is Aconcagua with a height of 105 m above sea level.

Brief history of Argentina
Who discovered Argentina first?
The Europeans had first tread their foot in Argentina in the year 1502 when they were out on an expedition with Amerigo Vespucci. But it is not any permanent settlement which started in the year 1580 when an establishment was made by Spain in the form of a colony. This colony has ended up becoming in what is today known as Buenos Aires.

Spain established and prospered in Argentina through three centuries, starting from 1500 to 1700. In 1776, the vice royalty was established. Finally after many years of struggle and conflict, Buenos Aires under the leadership of General Jose de San Martin finally achieved freedom from the clutches of Spain. It had its own national government in the year 1861.
What is the official currency of Argentina?
Official currency of Argentina is Argentine peso.

What type of economy does Argentina have?
Economic system of Argentina is free-market economy based on agricultural exports. Political instability is still a problem in Argentina, right after its independence in July 9, 1816, Argentina set out to implement new technologies in agriculture. It made strategies of organizational value and also had investments from the foreigners so that it could grow economically.

This took place in the year between 1880 to 1930 which made it one of the ten richest nation in the world. However, even though Argentina became quite strong economically, the political side was still unstable especially in 1930. The government got thrown in the year 1943.

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Where is Argentina located in the World map?

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