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When was the Internet invented – Brief History of Internet

The technological phenomenon that is the internet. “what is the internet” Also known as a net. The internet is a collection of all the worldwide systems of computer networks which entitle them to extract information from any other computers, provided they have the necessary permissions. This means that with the proper permissions, you can actually get any information from any other computer. “when was the internet invented” The entire concept of the internet was first conceived by ARPA was also known as Advanced Research Projects Agency, a part of the US government and was given the name of ARPANET.

History: when was internet invented?
Internet was invented on January 1, 1983. The primary aim of developing the concept of the internet was the establishment of a connection between professors of different universities to interact with each other over their respective research computers. One advantage of the ARPANet is that there will be no problem in the network even if segments of it were damaged during a disaster or a military attack. This is due to the fact that the messages being passed via the network can be routed and rerouted.
Who invented the internet?
Tim Berners-Lee a computer scientist invented the World Wide Web in 1990 than it was recognizable widely. The world wide web has used up a wide part of the internet as it has the outstanding feature of hypertext which allows you to instantly cross-reference the hyperlinked text to its linked part.

When was the internet invented for public use
From the late 1980s and early 1990s commercial internet service providers emerged then internet available for public use. However today, the entire concept of the internet has changed. It has become much more flexible, cooperative and consists of facilities which are self-sustainable and are available to be accessed by millions of people from all over the world.
How does an internet work?
The internet makes use of parts of the currently working and existing telecommunication network. In the technical aspect, the internet is aid apart from all others due to its adhering to set off a protocol known as the TCP / IP or the Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol. The intranet and the extra net also adhere to the TCP / IP protocol and are adapted from the internet technology itself.

Email is another revolutionary concept which has absolutely replaced the traditional concept of writing letters and posting via the post office, especially when it comes to short and sharp transactions. Apart from the email, you can also communicate with others through instant messaging, social networking and the internet relay chat.
Now you are clear about when was the internet invented and what was it used for, You can also get loads of information on various topics via the internet.

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