What is wordpress hosting & wordpress shared hosting comparison tips

How to choose the best WordPress web hosting services

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What is wordpress hosting & wordpress shared hosting comparison tips

What is WordPress hosting? Hosting is a very crucial point which determines the success of your website / business. WordPress is definitely one of the best platforms for hosting. There are different types of WordPress hosting like Free, Shared, managed, Dedicated and VPS. If you are a beginner, then different ideas will be confusing you.
WordPress blogging program is of two types, WordPress.com,and wordpress.org. The first one will let to open your website under the sub domain. It is absolutely free. It doesn’t support plugin and has added support. While the second one will allow you to customize your needs. You will get your own domain name. You will have full control over the content.

What is managed WordPress hosting?
It is like a care taker service, where all the technical features running in WordPress will be managed by the host. The technical aspects include speed, website up time, security, updates, backups, and availability. This is meant for those who have no time to look over this matter. You can concentrate on your own business, and all other issues will be take care by the host. Your website will be super-fast, secure and expert supported. You will get daily backups, automatic updates, and tools as a bonus point.

What is WordPress shared hosting?
WordPress shared hosting is one where multiple websites share large server. Then there is multiple websites on the same server; it can provide service at cheap rates. It is the most economical option to host your site. Unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains are its best catch. It is also one of the easiest to use web hosting services.

What are the things to consider while choosing web hosting provider?
There are multiple types of web hosting services. Before you read about each and everyone, you need to jot down your own needs. You need to consider you skills on web hosting, how much time you can dedicate and others.

Then you will have to make budgets. There is also the availability of free website hosting.
Shared WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting and managed WordPress hosting are your options. Now you are clear about what is word press hosting before purchasing you will have to read pros and cons of each one, and then make a decision.
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