What is the environment definition, importance, issues and types

What is an environment issue with list of environmental problems and solutions

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What is the environment definition, importance, issues and types

Nature has been an all-time friend and mood refreshing part of everyone’s life. Natures probably say the environment has encompassed the entire living and non-living creatures beneath a single unit. Today certainly if survival of humanity and other creatures had been possible then it has been just for nature, its geography and the way it handles them out.
What is the definition of environment?
A probable question would be rising within your minds since the past that what is the environment and what is the definition of environment? The answer is an entire composition of living plus non-living creatures beneath a single shelter of the mask. Today finding a complete natural surrounding for existence is quite difficult certainly you can see a man-made region surrounding you. Climate and geography have eventually helped the nature to support human’s existence. Interactions are been made among these varied creatures to lead a prosperous life.
Basically,this consists of mainly five types comprising of:

  • Aquatic life – partially or completely filled with water bodies and marine lives.
  • Forest – Comprising of large voluminous trees and shrubs.
  • Deserts – Comprising of very hot and sunny areas full of sands.
  • Grasslands – Almost 10 to 30 inches of grasses are found to cover the entire circular of the earth and helping the environment look greenery.
  • Tundra – Thus the rest of the areas cover up with the cold ice.

These all five bio-mes all together join up to form the actual definition for environmental suitable for humans to exist prosperously and safely. Without them, it would be difficult to find lives and even a small proof of it on earth.
Why is the environment important?
‘Importance of environment’ It has been a total of various cycles running simultaneously supporting human lives to flourish well. If certainly these biochemical cycles are paused or disturbed then, unfortunately, lives would be difficult for you to exist. Nature has been a life supporting system with nitrogen, carbon, water, oxygen and phosphorous cycle necessary for existence.
Issues in the environment:

  • The rise of highly polluting gases in surrounding.
  • Wastage of resources likes land and water.
  • Protection of various species is mandatory.
  • Establishment of reserves for maintaining ecological imbalances.
  • Protecting the environment from the usage of non-renewable fuels.

Now you are clear “what is the environment”? Its importance, issues, and types come get acquainted with it!

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