What is software in computer, definition, types with examples of programs

What is a software and types of software in computer science

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What is software in computer, definition, types with examples of programs

The article going to describe what is software. The software also known as SW in short is one of the 2 major components of a computer system, along with the hardware. It is nothing but a collection of different instructions which allows the user to interact and manipulate with the hardware component of the computer. A good analogy would be that the software is the soul of the computer while the hardware is the body.
What are the two types of software on a computer?
Software itself can be categorized into 2 different types:

System Software: What is system software?
The system software of a computer is nothing but the Operating System (OS) which is basically there to provide an interface between the user and the hardware. It translates the input data from the user into something that is understandable by the machine itself. It is basically the coordinating component of the computer. Ex: Windows, Linux, etc.
Application Software: What is application software?
The System SW simply provides an interface for the user to connect to the machine. However, you would still require some tools which can make use of this foundation in order to fulfill the connection. And that is where application software comes into play. Good examples would be Web browsers like Firefox, MS-Word, etc.

Importance of computer software
The software has a lot of importance on the proper functioning of a computer system. Here are some of them:
Software platform:
As mentioned before, software lays the basic platform for the user to interact with the hardware in an indirect manner. Without it, running a machine would be impossible because the machine does not understand human language.
Software security:
Another great importance of software in a computer system is because of security. The software allows the user to enforce some level of security in the system as well. This is mandatory because a computer system is always susceptible to attack from external sources, which is why protection is a must.

Software communication:
Communication is also a huge factor and something that software has a fundamental role to play in. Without the existence of SW, there would be no means to communicate with another system from one existing computer system. A network provides the interface, but software provides the necessary tools for communication. Here everything you have to know about what is software and its importance.

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