What is marketing, definition, strategy & types of marketing in business

What are all the different types of marketing strategies for business

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What is marketing, definition, strategy & types of marketing in business

Now, what is marketing? It can be formally defined as a mode of establishing a certain degree of communication and interaction between the consumer and the company by implementing activities of and institutions of commercial nature. Marketing can be classified into a number of types namely affinity marketing, alliance marketing, ambush marketing, cloud marketing, community marketing and much more.
Strategies play a highly important role in order for any marketing endeavor to gain success. Some of the marketing strategies which are highly popular and almost always guarantee success are given below.
The various marketing strategies

Cause marketing
This type of marketing strategy focuses on finding a cause that suits the interest of both the customer as well as the company. This mainly requires your company to have proper, well-researched information regarding what your organization deems as important to it and accordingly find clients which it will be able to help and guide. It helps your company to build a strong bond and reputation with your client, thus helping you to improve your business.
Close Range marketing
Proximity marketing or close range marketing makes the use of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and send messages promoting their services and products to the smartphones and iPads of all those customers who are at close range.

Relationship marketing
As the very name suggests, this marketing strategy involves the establishment of a relationship between the customer and the company itself. They are very much opposite to the transnational marketing.
Why is marketing important?
Marketing your company’s products and services are highly important, and there are a number of valid reasons behind it.
With the help of marketing, you will make people aware of the existence of your company, thus making it more probable for them to become your customers. This will lead to an increment in your sales,and your business will flourish.

Marketing makes you built a strong and trustworthy relationship with your customers. The more people get aware of your company, the easier it becomes for them to trust your brand name. With an increment in the number of people trusting your brand, your company sales will also increase dramatically. when you know What is marketing exactly then you can lead your company towards success with better marketing skills.

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