What is leukemia survival rate symptoms causes types & treatment detail

What is the life expectancy of a person with acute myeloid leukemia by age

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What is leukemia survival rate, symptoms, causes, types & treatment detail

There are quite a lot of diseases which can occur in a person without it being the fault of the particular individual. Cancer is one such terrible disease. And when cancer happens in the blood or the bone marrow of the individual, it is termed as leukemia. And it is extremely difficult to cure.

What is the survival rate of leukemia
When it comes to leukemia, there are mainly 2 types of it, survival rates depend on the sub-type.

  • Acute lymphoblastic leukemia
  • Chronic myeloid leukemia

What are the symptoms of leukemia
The symptoms of leukemia are extremely difficult to observe since the whole thing is taking place internally. Any sort of damage to the bone marrow of the person or lack of platelets can also be the reason why it takes place. The abnormal functioning of white blood cells in your body might also be signs that you have leukemia. Even regular tonsils, diarrhea, mouth sores are all possible symptoms that the disease you are suffering from is Leukemia.

What causes leukemia
To be fair, there hasn’t been discovered a reason that is visibly the cause of Leukemia. But despite that, there are some usual suspects which you can always turn towards like ionizing radiation, viruses which cause balancing problems in the blood platelets, smoking and so on. It can also happen due to a person’ genetics. Maternal-fatal transmission is easily one of the biggest genetic reasons of Leukemia. Exposure to various kinds of toxic chemicals can also cause this.

What is leukemia cancer treatment
As far as treatment is concerned, the main procedure that doctors resort to is chemotherapy. Radiotherapy along with biological therapy is equally well-known methods as well and used for treating certain subgroups of leukemia. Nutritional supplements also offer a lot of support to the healthy functioning of the human immune system. In particular, they provide help to the white blood cells.

A newly released device known as the solar strips are also very interesting as far as treatment of leukemia is concerned. It makes use of marine pytho-planktons, something which in the correct form only can be absorbed by our human body. It is the first time that such power is being harnessed by humans for treating a disease. Getting deep into the causes, symptoms and treatment of leukemia now you are clear what is leukemia survival rate?
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