What is dedicated server definition with benefits of dedicated hosting service

What is a dedicated server and dedicated server hosting windows & linux plans

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What is dedicated server definition with benefits of dedicated hosting service

One of the most crucial decisions that a website owner will have to make in his lifetime is what type of web is hosting him, or he wants to choose for his website. The reason, this is so is because there are a variety of different types of server hosting techniques, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Dedicated server hosting is one of such varied types. So, what is a dedicated server?

Dedicated server definition
Let’s check “What is dedicated server” Dedicated server hosting is a type of server hosting where a single individual server is a sort of ‘loaned’ to a website owner in order to be used for his / her organization. This automatically implies that the clients will have full control over the server. Not only is that, all the resources of the software (both software and hardware) all used by the website of the client. It has a lot of benefits to its name as well.
Dedicated server hosting benefits

  • First and foremost, this type of hosting is far more reliable. Bandwidth is never a problem since it does not have to share it with other websites.
  • Dedicated server also provides more scalability to its clients. Since all their resources belong to a website, they can grow in size whenever needed.
  • Dedicated servers also provide more flexibility and control as far as the client is concerned. In a shared system, no website will have access to all the features.
  • Also, dedicated servers have better security measures since it is not shared with any other website. This is tied in with the concept of dedicated hosting ip.

Dedicated IP Address
With the concept of a dedicated server also comes the concept of a dedicated IP web hosting. What is it exactly? It is basically an IP address that is dedicated exclusively to a particular server hosting account. This is opposite to a shared server hosting system where a number of different hosts would share the same IP address among themselves.

A dedicated IP allows you to use SSL certificates, view your website with the help of the IP, and get faster responses from your website and so on. Now you are clear about What is a dedicated server definition, everything you need to know about dedicated server hosting.
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