What is car insurance premium based on & premium car insurance quotes

How often do you have pay car insurance premiums & why it going up

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What is car insurance premium based on & premium car insurance quotes

If you are an owner of a car, then one of the expenses, which you have to bear, is the car insurance. “What is car insurance premium” The law states that you need to have insurance. But, apart from this, you having this kind of insurance protect you from any financial harm if your car is damaged. Now, since you cannot avoid this, it is in your best interest that you reduce the amount. There are several ways of doing this. However, first, you need to understand how the premium is calculated. This is calculated based on many factors, thus, even if two people had the same vehicle, their premium might not be same.

Model of the car
The kind of car that you drive profoundly affects the premium car insurance. Some cars are known to accident prone and at the same time, there are some cars, which suffer minimum damage even after suffering a collision. The repairing cost of a specified vehicle is higher than the usual amount. Thus, the premium varies depending on the make of the vehicle.
You’re driving history
If your driving history is pretty clear, i.e. no record of any accident, then you might have a chance at having cheap premium. Taking classes for defensive driving also results in lower premium car insurance.

Frequency of driving
What is car insurance premium” To finalize your premium, the insurer checks the mileage to find how often you drive in your vehicle. It is very apparent that the risk of an accident goes up if you have driven the car for lots of time.
Protection measures
Having an anti-theft alarm installed in your car or any protection measures can bring down the premium cost of your car. Thus, you should keep all of these points in your mind before you negotiate regarding car insurance with the insurer.
From this, it is very evident that there is no single way by which the premium can be calculated. Thus, you can use the points mentioned above while negotiating with the insurer. The answer to the question “what is a premium in car insurance?” can be very well explained by the points mentioned above. Now you know Factors that explains what is a car insurance premium or what is car insurance premium.
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