What is Bikram yoga, history, poses, benefits with is Bikram yoga safe

What are the differences between Bikram yoga and hot yoga class

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What is Bikram yoga, history, poses, benefits with is Bikram yoga safe

When it comes to yoga, there are quite a few verities available for you to try out. There are routines for both freshmen as well as experts in the department. Recently, one of the most trending yoga routines goes by the name of Bikram Yoga. So what makes it so special, “what is bikram yoga” and why is it so famous?

Bikram yoga what is it?
So what exactly is Bikram Yoga? It is nothing but a form of yoga named after its founder Bikram Choudhury. You will often find it being called as “hot yoga” as well. The reason why is so is because of the fact that this form of yoga has to be practiced inside a well-heated room. The entire routine comprises a total of 26 poses, all of which need to be done inside a room of 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Best clothes for hot yoga are Pant and Top for female, Pant and shirts for male.

Bikram yoga poses
As mentioned before, there is a total of 26 poses contained in the program itself. All of them need to be performed two times within a certain period of time, preferably under the guidance of the instructor. The routine is started off with standing postures, bends (both forwards and backwards) and twists.
Also, all of the poses include the “Kapalabhati breath” as well. In order to do this perfectly, you will have to know all of the 26 poses involved in the Bikram Yoga. The unique thing about this technique is that it is based completely on animals like:
Eagle, Rabbit, Locust, Tortoise, Cobra

Bikram yoga benefits

  • One of the main reasons why this form of yoga has received so much attention from media is because it is genuinely good for health and fitness.
  • The heated nature of the surroundings allows the body to loosen up, thus allowing it to become more flexible.
  • This, in turn, allows the muscles and tendons to be stretched more without getting damaged.Your brain also benefits greatly from this yoga.
  • The effects are almost similar to that of meditation.
  • It is also extremely useful for people who want to lose some pounds and reduce their waistline.

Now you get a new idea about Bikram Yoga or what is Bikram yoga but still you have another question moving in your mind “Is Bikram Yoga Safe?” Yes it is safe but you have to follow the instruction of the yoga teacher.

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